July 2010 archive

Jul 30 2010

Masturbation Month???

May is “National Masturbation Month?” How did I miss this??? This is the completely awesome discovery I made today; every year there are 31 days in which people are encouraged to “self-pleasure”!  After doing a little investigation as to how all this came about – I discovered a rich history and on-going tradition that is …

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Jul 28 2010

Win a Story Membership!

You are shattering my illusion that you readers of elegant erotica, articulate porn, literate smut…that you are also readers of the classics, the big guns of literature. The offer still stands – find the quote from Thoreau that I butchered in my blog post entitled  “No, He’s Not Gay” and you win a free year’s …

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Jul 26 2010

Hand Prints

♥Now that I have opened up my dark and dusty erotica file and brought my lusty literature, aching to be explored, out into the warmth of these summer days…I am finding savory fragments of my past which I will offer up for your pleasure from time to time…enjoy! The cold night air of the parking …

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Jul 23 2010

No…He’s Not Gay

Okay, everyone listening? Two common misconceptions about pegging: If a man likes pegging, he must be gay. If you peg a straight man, he will become gay. Cue Laughter and Eye Roll – Both of these are so ridiculous as to be laughable on so many levels. Gender preference has nothing to do with the …

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Jul 21 2010

A (Virgin) Reader’s Question

I would like to ask you a question…….I don’t want to make a big deal about it but it’s important to me so I’m going to ask….I want my first time to be special. I’m a virgin and I don’t want to just give it up to the first woman that wants my ass. I …

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Jul 20 2010

Rimming Risks

Warning: Clinical blog post coming up. If you wanna play, ya gotta know the rules… While rimming can be a wonderfully intimate, hot experience to give and receive, please know the risks before diving in to that adorable, inviting puckered hole… Consider carefully the exposure you are risking. Unprotected analingus is like unprotected sex and …

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Jul 03 2010

The Basics of Rimming

Rimming, as sexy and hot and intimate and delightfully nasty as it is…is not everyone’s cup of tea. Yet some people love the feel of teasing their tongue into their partner’s ass and feeling them squirm with pleasure. And many people love the sensation of a warm wet tongue pushing into their anus. It can be …

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Pegging Paradise