November 2010 archive

Nov 25 2010


I am particularly thankful for… A world in which I am free to pursue my passion…over and over again. My man, who loves to facilitate the pursuance of my passion…over and over again. Quality toymakers and the imagination and inventiveness that drives them. Podcasters and Bloggers who talk/write about sex! That totally hot moment when my dildo sinks …

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Nov 23 2010

Patted Down or Felt Up?

Ruby is traveling this holiday weekend…by plane! So, of course in my mind the ideal scenario would be getting patted down (felt up) by a handsome security guard…in a uniform, of course. Preferable to getting x-rayed with the full body scanner? You betcha. But that masturbatory fantasy is not gonna happen. I hear that if you …

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Nov 18 2010

More Than Health Care!

Right about now…I wish I were Canadian! The Everything to do with Sex Show Canada’s Best Adult Consumer and Trade Show Excellent name for a show!! This is the best reason to go across the border that I’ve found lately…but only if you are 19 and over. Turns out Canada thinks that all the silicone …

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Nov 17 2010

Strap One On in the Airport…

To keep up to date on the latest and greatest in the world of strap-on sex…I have Google alerts  for “Pegging” and “Strap-on”. Sometimes the things it turns up are pretty funny… I knew about The Onion – the fake (and funny!) news site. But I’d never heard of “The Spoof”. Check out this article …

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Nov 13 2010

My New Favorite Hotel?

The smaller print at the bottom of the sign says: “It’s Disturbing Enough”

Nov 13 2010

Forget the Food!

Nov 04 2010

Strap-On Before the Woman

Sort of like the cart before the horse. For the Gentlemen… Since diving dildo-first into exploring the world of pegging…one thing has really jumped out at me (well, besides the mouthwatering “Outlaw” dildo at Vixen Creations…). It is this…There are many, many of you men out there who are interested in being pegged, whether you …

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Pegging Paradise