March 2011 archive

Mar 31 2011

Do Women Love Pegging?

All women are different, but I can tell you that I definitely love pegging. So what is it exactly that turns my crank when I don a strap-on and peg my guy? My, my, my…so many things. The Pleasure Principle More than any other reason, I love to peg a man because it brings him …

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Mar 25 2011

Ruby’s Teaching!

Sex educator? Yeah, baby! I am now teaching classes about pegging (what else?). I taught a class in February for the WCPX (West Coast Power Exchange) in Camarillo, California (thank you, Deb). March found me teaching a class for the Sanctuary in Denver, Colorado (thanks, Cross and SKALES). I met so many fascinating people in …

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Mar 23 2011

The Right Triangle

Aaron hadn’t seen his good friends Daniel and Renée for too many moons. When he finally comes for a visit, things turn out differently than he could have imagined. Aaron decides to let this experienced couple take the reins for a night of passion that rocks Aaron’s world. He’ll never be quite the same again.
Light D/s, male/male play, threesome
3300 Words

Mar 23 2011

Overheard & Unmistakable

The first touch of my tongue is always a rush for you. I lick your cock slowly from base to tip. Warm and wet, I caress it, tease it, toy with it.   Yesterday you described your ass as “willing and wanting”. I can help you with that. I push my middle finger deep inside …

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Mar 17 2011

Now What’s Happening?

Pegging Paradise is making the transition to a read online model of story membership, which comes with its challenges. The payment processing method I use now, while efficient and ubiquitous, is not so friendly to sites of a spicier nature, shall we say. So along with the website changes, we are establishing a new payment …

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Mar 13 2011

A Stubborn Stereotype…

I just logged onto one of my favorite kinky internet places – I enjoy the people there…they are usually a cut above the usual kinky dating site types. Remarkable, since it is free to join and participate. Although one could use FetLife for a dating site – it is more set up to be …

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Mar 06 2011

What’s Happening?

  For you members of Pegging Paradise, anxiously awaiting your next story and wondering when the website changes will take effect….my faithful PC began having issues…I guess the hard drive can’t quite get it up any more, sadly! I am in the midst of setting up a brand spankin’ new computer…and all that entails. I …

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