March 2013 archive

Mar 29 2013

Yes and Then No

Disappointment and sadness. I thought I’d found what I’d been looking for. But the universe decided it was not to be. I was looking for a play partner. A friend with benefits. A body buddy to test toys with. Whatever you want to call it. I put up an ad on FetLife that read thusly: …

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Mar 26 2013

Podcast #41

Pegging Paradise Podcast #41   ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! ❤ He likes his pegging with no side of kink, thankyouverymuch. So does she. Bliss ensues. And he enjoys his lingerie once in a while, too. ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! ❤ The couple from podcast #30 who had such a great New Years…introduce their friends to …

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Mar 25 2013

First Time

  naked touch skin against skin smooth and hairy soft and hard lips touching lips   i hold you in thrall with my tongue sinuous and swirling touching places hot and hidden   sounds you make confirming your thrills as surely as your heavy happy cock   © Ruby Ryder (My 500th post…!)  

Mar 20 2013

Podcast #40

Pegging Paradise Podcast #40 ❤ Disclosing, revealing…the risks and the rewards ❤ The case for going to a professional sex worker to explore pegging ❤ She wants to peg but is happily submissive during sex – can it be done submissively? ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! ❤ She reveals her desire to have him cross-dress. He tries …

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Mar 19 2013

Search Term Fun

are there women that like pegging Oh yes, yes yes!   mature conversation on pegging Well…yes. I would like to think that I am mature. I have my days.   is a guy gay for doing pegging? Well, technically he’s being done and not doing…but no, exploring pegging has no effect on sexual orientation. In …

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Mar 18 2013

Savage on Straight Guys

Sound quality is not so good but the message is worth it! My favorite part: There’s no override switch in your butt that will turn you gay.

Mar 16 2013

Wow…Just, wow.

  the contrast thrills me i catch my breath the urge to ravage bending him over lifting his skirt grabbing his hips yes.    

Mar 15 2013

I Will Never…

…and I do mean Never …align myself with a retailer, a wholesaler or a manufacturer that sells toxic toys. Never! This angers me more than I can express. In my life I have watched countless large corporations make the choice that benefits the bottom dollar instead of the health and welfare of their consumers…the very …

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Mar 14 2013

Podcast #39

Pegging Paradise Podcast #39   ❤ Virginia loses a law – it’s a good thing. ❤ Fairfax, VA – you rock! ❤ A gentleman’s club in Europe provide some amazing entertainment for this lucky couple. I want the movie rights… ❤ Details about his Pro Domme Experience – don’t miss this one! ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! …

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Mar 13 2013

Where’s the Damn Podcast?

I know…I keep asking myself that very question. Here’s a pretty picture to distract you.      

Pegging Paradise