April 2013 archive

Apr 29 2013

Podcast #45

Pegging Paradise Podcast #45 ❤ He took a while to tell her and she wished he’d done it sooner! ❤ She only found pegging because she wanted to wear a cock. ❤ The poignantly difficult time of being a man everyone expects to be dominant when he has craved submission and being a bottom for …

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Apr 26 2013

…..I’m Back!

  After 5 painful days during which I was disconnected from the main umbilical cord (with the exception of my smart phone), I am happy to inform you that I am once again connected to the life-giving internets that serve to unite us all. Woo Hoo! Tonight I am off to enjoy some well-deserved playtime …

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Apr 19 2013

The Magic Formula?

Could this be the magic formula you men have all been waiting for? Read this and see the logic behind the method. For you men who are looking for a relationship and want a side of dominance served with your pegging – this is actually one of the best ideas I’ve heard yet.   I …

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Apr 17 2013

So….I’m Moving

Hey Everyone – Just wanted to tell you because if the blog seems neglected or you don’t get a response to your comment or you just…miss me, it’s because I am moving to a new abode. With views and a pool and lots of room. And arugula and strawberries and roses already growing in the …

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Apr 15 2013

Podcast #44

Pegging Paradise Podcast #44 ❤ Ruby is moving. ❤ Kisses – yum. ❤ Using kisses to predict personality characteristics. ❤ How one man found his GGG pegging wife. Great story! ❤ Ruby goes off about women who out their men. ❤ Ruby goes off some more about women who out their men. ❤ Ruby threatens …

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Apr 13 2013

I Want You to Be Happy!

A sweet quote from a letter I received today: “You inspire us men to be bold and brave and own up to our fantasies and thus be happy…” Thrilled to be your inspiration, gentlemen. Kudos to you for your bravery! So here is some more fantasy material…isn’t she hot?

Apr 11 2013

Podcast #43

  Pegging Paradise Podcast #43 ❤ From podcast #41 She listened to the podcast and is happy to be an inspiration for others with her husband-to-be! ❤ From Podcast #42 – He listened to the podcast and their relationship “has never been better!” ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! ❤ From Podcasts #27 and #39 last time we …

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Apr 08 2013

Quote of the Day

  “I’ve done the deed now and I just can’t seem to get the thrill out of a toy unless there are hips behind it.”

Apr 05 2013


  My life is infinitely better when I get enough kisses. But not just any kisses. The kind where just before lips touch there is a hesitation to increase the anticipation. Warm breath and intention mixes together with a heady sensation. Soft lips touch and begin the dance.  His mouth opens to offer a warm …

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Apr 03 2013

The Case For a Pro

In the pegging world there are many men looking to explore pegging on a casual basis and not many women who are ready to sink it deep inside them outside the structure of a relationship. When I get letters from these men or find threads asking if there are any women who want to peg …

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