August 2013 archive

Aug 27 2013

Podcast #60

Pegging Paradise Podcast #60   ❤ Sex Nerd Sandra, Larkin and I talk about Pegging! ❤ Harnesses – for BBW a specific review and suggestion ❤ Smitten Kitten Video Tutorials are better than porn… ❤ How do women look at men in general after they start pegging? ❤ CatalystCon West – coming September 27 – …

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Aug 26 2013

Podcast #59

Pegging Paradise Podcast #59 ❤ Rock her world sex gives you a better chance with pegging! ❤ iTunes review – “Societal Correction at its Best”. ❤ Classes coming to Denver! Tues Sept 3rd! ❤ Update from the couple in podcast 56 – they are getting there! ❤ What happened? Neither of them are sure – …

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Aug 24 2013

Credit Where Due

So, Zach’s stories? I made sure he saw your comments and here was his response: Thanks for sending the reviews of my stories. Its nice to hear people liked the concept. But as far as being “more of a writer then I know”, I give you all the credit for that, seeing as how all …

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Aug 18 2013

Look What’s Coming….

“Tantus, Inc. is proud to introduce the new line of Connoisseur Harnesses that captures both style and functionality, elevating the world of strap-on sex. The Connoisseur Harness line is everything the Tantus brand stands for – high quality, body-safe, and designed by a woman for comfort and performance. Tantus sets the standard for fashionable strap-on …

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Aug 13 2013

Audio Stories Posted!

For my “I Want It All” members – new audio stories: A Wet One Just For Starters Enjoy! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Aug 12 2013

Podcast #58

Pegging Paradise Podcast #58 ❤ Crossdressing Peggee is happy to have found Pegging Paradise and has questions about equipment ❤ What hurts the most is women disparaging men who enjoy pegging ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! ❤ Listen to the story of the Happily Pegging Reddit Couple who, with the help of liquid courage, discovered not …

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Aug 10 2013

Kinky Sears!

So the buzz in kinky land is that Sears has recently come into the fold… Yes, you heard me right. Sears. Take a gander at this….     I kid you not! Though the items do seem to be coming and going today a bit on their website….I imagine it’s busy Saturday for them as …

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Aug 10 2013

Ego Stroked…

“Hands down you are one of the sexiest minds I have ever encountered.” – a Fan of Pegging Paradise –   Thank you. You made my week! Ruby  

Aug 07 2013

Erotica with Zach

Welcome Home by Zach with Ruby Ryder I’m in the shower. The water is just over the edge of being too hot. When it hits my back it leaves a sharp sting that I can’t get enough of. That heat, that slow and steady wave of pain that turns my back a bright red, it’s …

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Aug 04 2013

Podcast #57

Pegging Paradise Podcast #57 ❤ So what’s the bottom line (ha ha) on the anal incontinence question? My condensed version. ❤ She’s researching pegging in preparation for exploring it with her friend. Smart! ❤ Women – please (with permission) share your passion for pegging far and wide! Ruby tells you how. ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! …

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