September 2013 archive

Sep 30 2013

A Present From Tantus

  Guess who got a gift from Tantus at CatalystCon West this weekend? Eat your heart out. A supple, strong leather harness called the “Amazon”. Black and purple and royal blue. Fits well on first try-on. Surprised the G-String style is comfortable and well-fitting as I have not been a fan of that style in …

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Sep 29 2013

Podcast #65

  I think she’s missing a strap-on but I like her position and her attitude…and he is reaching to pull her closer. Pegging Paradise Podcast #65 ❤ If both of them want to be the “fuckee”, how to decide? ❤ Still happily pegging after their pegging celebration time (podcast #41) ❤ Ruby’s promise is tested …

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Sep 26 2013

Podcast #64

 Pegging Paradise Podcast #64 ❤ Another option for the podcast #59 man who was considering the swing ❤ Liberator cushions ❤ Entice Me – a jewel of a sexy home party business…and much, much more. ❤ He finally tried pegging and has yet to be impressed…advice? ❤ He’s trying to drop hints for the wife …

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Sep 25 2013

Shameless Request

Send me naked pictures! No wait…I’m kidding, really. Here’s the request: Please head on over to Rori’s place: Between My Sheets When you get there…leave a comment and nominate me for the top 100 sex bloggers. I have been honored to be in the top 100 two years in a row and if I make …

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Sep 19 2013

Erotic Photography

Occasionally I come across a website with stunning erotic photography and I just have to share it with you. Since my eye is more drawn to the male figure, though I do appreciate beauty in either gender, this is the sample I am offering you, with full permission from the artist. Know that there are …

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Sep 17 2013

Podcast #63

Pegging Paradise Podcast #63 ❤ A refresher course on cleanliness ❤ The phone line is working! Call me! ❤ Where can I find a woman to peg me? ❤ His girlfriends sounds down with the idea but how can he let go and trust…be vulnerable? ❤ One more thing about where to find a women …

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Sep 11 2013

Call Me…!!!

❤ NEW!!! ❤ Ruby Ryder’s Pegging Paradise Podcast Question Line: (805)five00-6544 Now you can call me with your questions! Is that cool or what?

Sep 10 2013

Podcast #62

 Pegging Paradise Podcast #62 ❤ I helped him feel comfortable about talking with women about pegging! ❤ He started early and had problems finding women who love it. He loves the emotion and the vulnerability. ❤ Friends sharing fantasies – Whoa! They both want to try pegging! He’s a fan of butt plugs, too. ❤ …

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Sep 06 2013

9/22 & 11/3 CA Classes

The Pleasures of Pegging Beginning and Advanced Ventura, CA Sept 22nd and Nov 3rd, 2013 Here’s the link to reserve your space. ❤ Are you a woman who would like to have your pick of a large group of men? Pegging can help you with that. ❤ Are you a man who would like to have …

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Sep 06 2013


Expectations can be a tricky thing. In fact sometimes you don’t know how many expectations you have until things happen that flip your usual reality on it’s head. When this man walks in the door after work, everything is different, and that’s a good thing.
sensual pegging, suits, kitchen table, silk, role reversal
1800 words

Pegging Paradise