Sep 25 2013

Shameless Request

Send me naked pictures!

No wait...I'm kidding, really.

Here's the request:

Please head on over to Rori's place: Between My Sheets

When you get there...leave a comment and nominate me for the top 100 sex bloggers. I have been honored to be in the top 100 two years in a row and if I make it this time I will be retired from the list to make way for newcomers. (crosses fingers...)

Thanks! And here's a pretty picture for you...


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  1. Ruby, not shameless at all! Love the photo. A nice welcome to my Thursday morning.

    1. Thanks! Glad to spice up your morning…it is a really hot photo.

  2. Nothing to be ashamed about, Ruby dear? Is that really YOU, in the flesh? I knew you were stunning, but…OMG!

    1. I am flattered, but no, Sir. No 56 year old looks like that! But she does look like this:

  3. Such a beautiful strapon. My god how I would love to be taken with one like this. Keep up the good work.

  4. Such a beautiful strapon. I would love to be taken by one like this. Keep up the good work Ruby. x

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