March 2014 archive

Mar 30 2014

Podcast #79

Pegging Paradise Podcast #79 ❤ Thanks to Aneros! ❤ Aneros testimonial ❤ reddit – He couldn’t quite tell her when the opportunity presented itself ❤ The comments that ensued on reddit ❤ “Depth training?” ❤ She’d going to explore pegging with her long distance partner. The distance has allowed them to take a good long …

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Mar 27 2014

Opening up with Kissing

One of my very favorite activities is kissing. Very favorite. Hands down. I’m fascinated by how people feel around the subject of kissing.  Not just the friendly peck on the lips kind – the all-out swapping spit kind. Some people feel that kind of kissing is very intimate – so intimate that they will not …

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Mar 19 2014

CatalystCon East…More

Perhaps it was because this was my 3rd CatalystCon, or maybe it was because I’ve been gradually getting to know my tribe ever since May of 2010 when I first started my blog and my own personal adventure in this sex-positive world began, but this event felt a little like getting together with family. There …

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Mar 16 2014

CatalystCon East #3

  Another installment of CatalystCon East Adventures, including more Ass Panel details….and Betty Dodson! It is snowing here in DC as I write this. Started off as big beautiful flakes and now it’s kind of a wet snow. As a California born and raised girl – I’m thrilled and kind of freaking out at the …

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Mar 15 2014

CatalystCon East #2

    A short update on my mystery date, some general CCon stuff and my panel… I think we (the panel) inspired a lot of men to explore their asses and women to explore their men’s asses, too! And now I’m off to play a raucous game of Cards against Humanity with my sex educator/geek/nerd …

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Mar 14 2014

Ruby Arrives in DC

…And she has a cool little laptop that does all kinds of things…like record mini podcasts!  #1 Ruby Ryder at CatalystCon East 2014  

Mar 13 2014

And the Winners Are…

You will recall we had a contest last month…a caption contest. There were some funny and creative entires! I want to thank you all for playing – you brightened up many of my days with your captions. Link to the photo ↓ Caption Contest Photo of Supergirl with a Strap-on The grand prize winner is …

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Mar 08 2014

Podcast #78

Pegging Paradise Podcast #78 ❤ I tell at Bawdy Storytelling ❤ I model a strap-on at Bawdy – so does Sex Nerd Sandra! ❤ I talk about being single, discretion and dating challenges ❤ Society’s fucked up sexual shame about desires outside the box ❤ Does sexual repression result in bad porn? ❤ Sexual acceptance …

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Mar 07 2014

The Tryst

beneath my closed eyelids…I remember I remember how we just stared at each other for a time when we first met much had already passed between us we’d shared so many of our deeper layers that all we did was look at each other and smile   I remember the look on your face when …

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