April 2014 archive

Apr 29 2014

Podcast #83

   Pegging Paradise Podcast #83 ❤ Wonderful night of pegging ❤ He found a new use for the Liberator Axis, and shared his video…bravely! ❤ Phone auto-correct humor ❤ Percentage of men vs. women into pegging? ❤ He wants to know where he can find a woman to peg him, and how to bring it up to …

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Apr 21 2014

Podcast #82

Pegging Paradise Podcast #82 ❤ A slice of Ruby’s personal life: The sad goodbye to Zach.  

Apr 11 2014

WordPress Cock Up

The newest version of WordPress was downloaded and installed to my blog automatically, an email informed me. Wince. Even when I have to push the button myself it is always with a bit of trepidation, because shit happens. So here’s the shit that happened this time. If you listen to my podcast directly from my …

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Apr 10 2014

Podcast #81

Pegging Paradise Podcast #81 ❤ She’s writing in to allay the fears of “Confused” ❤ Big thanks for helping her with her fears about her husband’s bi-curiosity ❤ She has a sexually adventuresome hubby & started a blog to inspire other couples! ❤ New toy: cock ring and butt plug – story! ❤ Trouble finding harness …

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Apr 03 2014

Podcast #80

    Pegging Paradise Podcast #80 ❤ Pegging without a prostate ❤ She’s got some anxiety about him liking it too much ❤ A truck driver needs a dildo suggestion ❤ She wants him to experience a real cock – he’s not so sure ❤ Out with the old equipment and in with…? (Goodbye Jeff Stryker) …

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