July 2014 archive

Jul 23 2014

FDA – Wake Up!

It’s time to get a little more real about donating blood, FDA. Currently you are not allowed to donate blood for your entire LIFETIME if you are a man who has had sex with another man. Your entire LIFE! Even the American Medical Association disagrees: The American Medical Association opposes the ban saying it isn’t …

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Jul 18 2014

Search Term Fun

Found a few things in my Google Analytics in the words people use to find my website. So I’m just going to throw them up there and answer the questions and/or tell you my opinion about the subjects. is pegging ok Anything done between 2 consenting adults that does not cause harm to either person …

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Jul 14 2014

Podcast #87

Pegging Paradise Podcast #87  ❤ The podcast you have been waiting for! Ruby answers all the personal, probing questions that you sent in, except one. You will have to listen to find out which one!  

Pegging Paradise