Oct 26 2014

Podcast #92



Pegging Paradise Podcast #92

❤ He wants to know...What do I mean when I say a "good kisser"?
❤ He's got comments about my "Convincing Him to Try It" article
❤ Fucking Amazing - Ruby hits her stride in the act of pegging!
❤ Comments on Fucking Amazing - he's got some good points; everyone wins
❤ Pegging is just not her thing. A reader I gave previous advice to writes in with an update. No dice.
❤ A 'mostly straight' guy can relate to my semi-bisexual ex. Discussion about labels ensues.
❤ Can pegging lead to trying out experiences with men? This time it did. She tells the story.
❤ Equipment question - best harness for an already purchased double?
❤ Equipment question - the best secure combo that will allow hands-free pegging?
❤ Review of Blush Novelties Ergo Mini Suction Cup Dual Density Dildo



I Need a Woman to Peg Me
Fucking Amazing - What it feels like as a woman, to hit your stride in the act of pegging 
No Fun For Her Yet 
Spare Parts Joque Harness
Valkyrie Two-Strap Harness
RodeoH Boxer Harness
Blush Ergo Dual Density Dildo 5.75" x 1.3"
Tantus Echo Midnight Purple  6.5” x 1.55”
Fuze Tango Double Dildo  6.75" x 1.375"
WeVibe Tango Bullet Vibe
Pegging Lube!
Sliquid Silk – Regular

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  1. this is one of your best pictures you posted Ruby!!

    1. I love it, too!

  2. Hi Ruby. I didn’t place the comment which you read out in the podcast on either the Convincing Him to Try It, or the Convincing Her to Try It articles, so you might want to alter the descriptions and the link above, even though you can’t alter the content of the podcast now. The comment was left on the I Need A Woman To Peg Me article on your pegging101 site, and I think it sounds just a teeny bit less crazy when the reader can refer to the headings that I referenced in that article of yours.

    I never expected that the comment would be read out in the podcast, and I feel that at least one of the points I was trying to make may not have come through as I wanted it to.

    Ladies, please try and understand that for a percentage of us who are burdened with a single X chromosome, the knowledge that you Peg is an extremely high factor of attraction. If it didn’t feel so damn good, we wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about it, but it does, so we do. Continue to condemn us if you must when we don’t see the bigger picture that is You, but try to understand that it comes from a not-altogether bad place.

    1. Well. I really mucked that up, didn’t I? At least I’ll fix the link above and announce it on my next podcast. Thanks, Harry!

  3. IS there an resource to help in the correct sizing of the Rodeoh harnesses? I’m confused as to the hip measurement mapping into conventional sizing (like US size 10, etc.).

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding! You need to measure yourself and ignore standard sizing. Just go by the waist measurements and order the size that contains your waist measurement if you want a snug fit, and one size above if you want a more roomy fit.

      1. Just to be clear, this is a ‘waist measurement’, roughly at or just below the navel, not a ‘hip measurement’, correct?

        1. You know – I am in the process of getting this question answered because of the samples they are sending me – I had the same question. Soon as I hear back I will post here…

            • rb83 on January 20, 2015 at 8:44 am

            Any progress on the Rodeoh sizing measurement Q’s? Thx.

  4. No progress on the Rodeoh sizing. 🙁 What can I say except that it is confusing. I would take the time to email the company with measurements and the style of harness you intend to buy so that you get the right fit. Seem like each harness description has a different method of sizing and there are no clear charts (yet – one can always hope).

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