Nov 23 2014

Podcast #94

Ruby's Ass!

Ruby's Ass! (Waist 33, Hips 42)

Pegging Paradise Podcast #94

❤ The Truck Driver is looking for a butt plug for extended wear while driving...
❤ Another request for pegging women with a history of abuse - how is it for you?
❤ Rodeoh harness sizing
❤ Ergo Mini idea to warm it up!
❤ The best reason I have heard yet to tell your GF why she should peg you!
❤ He had one prostate orgasm and really wants another!
❤ Yes he likes ass play, and my "No, He's Not Gay" article helped him feel better about it!
❤ After 25 years of marriage, they start talking about sex...and ass play ensues!



Tantus Ryder
Njoy Pure Plugs
Spare Part Bella Harness
Spare Parts Sasha Harness
Her Strap-on Fears
Toxic Sex Toys
Aneros Forums


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    nice ass Ruby!
    That is one lucky photographer!
    you should bring this picture out again for masturbation month (May 2015)

    1. Thank you kindly!! I hate to spoil the illusion – but I used the delayed exposure feature of my camera…. 😉

  2. Ruby, what a beautiful ass! And those buckles.. Love hint of purple too.
    Njoy pure plugs are great! I really like my medium one, very comfy, I can have it up to two hours with waterbased lube. And I also like to warm it up in hot water before insertion – cold sex toys are just no fun for me, I warm up everything.

  3. Also, I recently heard on Dan Savage’s podcast that for hands free orgasm from anal, you could stroke receiver’s dick for a while, but then stop stroking and still continue with anal stimulation and some men can come that way. Partially hands free, I guess. We haven’t tried it, but it sounds like an easy way. It’s podcast 142, minute 20.

  4. Hi Ruby
    You look fine! Nice ass – I can tell you work out.

    1. I do indeed – thanks for noticing!

  5. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby….glorious!

    1. Thanks, Bob. 😉

  6. Thats a very beautiful ass!

    Also, I think your tone of voice is different while wearing the butt plug? It sounds lovely and even smoother than usual! Even your giggles have more weight to them so to speak. Or maybe its all just in my head? Thanks anyway, I wouldn’t mind any future podcasts sounding like this. 🙂

    1. LOL – Loved hearing this. It is quite possible that my voice is lower and smoother when wearing a butt plug. Because it made me feel sexy and that’s how I sound when I feel sexy! I will keep your request in mind…

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