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Feb 14 2015

Happy Heart Day!

Be sure to take care of your heart, as you walk through this life. Feed your heart whatever it craves as often as you can. Flowers in a vase, a hike in the mountains, a long, soft hug with a friend, the flavor of crab legs with garlic butter as it meets your tongue, the …

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Feb 14 2015


Justin and Meagan are devoted members of their church, and absolutely insist on being of service to the Lord by making snacks for the congregation. Everyone assumes they prepare those snacks in the rectory during the sermon. But the rectory is the setting for activities much more fun than preparing snacks, and just private enough to offer secrecy. This Sunday, though, someone overhears them.
Sacrilegious, bisexuality, D/s, threesomes, lingerie
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Feb 08 2015

Podcast #98

Pegging Paradise Podcast #98   ❤ Men can get yeast infections, too ❤ The boy toy turns into a boyfriend – love story! ❤ He loves it, but won’t tell anyone for fear of judgment. He’s asking all women to spread the word. ❤ Her boyfriend really wants it. She’s scared it won’t go right. Newbie info. ❤ He loves …

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Feb 07 2015

Positions for Beginners

Pegging Positions for Beginners Two positions I recommend for newbies when the woman has little skill and/or endurance. These positions pretty much eliminate the need for skill on the woman’s part. They are a great choice if she gets tired. Enjoy!  

Feb 05 2015

Pegging on TV!

I am not much of a TV watcher, as I do not (by choice) have cable. But the latest episode of “Broad City” on Comedy Central takes pegging and runs with it, mostly in good directions, too! I will have to track down the episode and give it a look, especially after reading this article about …

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