December 2015 archive

Dec 31 2015

New Prostate Toys!!

  Lelo came out with some pretty phenomenal new prostate toys not too long ago… You want a toy to use solo as well as with a partner? You like vibrations? You want the best? Lelo makes it. No question about that. All these toys are rechargeable, waterproof and 100% silicone.  Lelo quality is incredible. …

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Dec 29 2015

Podcast #120

Pegging Paradise Podcast #120 ❤ Spinal nerve damage left him partly numb, ass play brings a whole new world of intense orgasms. ❤ He got liquored up, spilled the beans and now she’s using toys on him!! ❤ This young man waxes poetic, philosophical and eloquently about pegging… ❤ She wonders what to call her …

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Dec 26 2015

Lots of Lovely Lube

There are a lot of bad lubes out there, and all the ingredients can be confusing. Ever wonder why some of the ingredients in lube are not good for you? Here’s a short list of the most commonly used offenders. Educate yourself and make sure that the lube you use not only does the job …

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Dec 24 2015

Podcast #119

Pegging Paradise Podcast #119 ❤ Interview with Michelle Renee from… ❤ ❤ Classes January 10th in Long Beach! Happy Holidays from Ruby!!

Dec 20 2015

Podcast #118

Pegging Paradise Podcast #118 ❤ Review of Aslan Leather Double Up cuff for vaginal/anal stimulation while pegging! ❤ Self-identified Butt Slut waxes poetic about pegging! ❤ PCT! He tells the story of how he got to experience the biggest orgasm of his life! ❤ This man sends thanks for podcast #112 and is hopeful she …

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Dec 13 2015

Podcast #117

Pegging Paradise Podcast #117 ❤ Rodeoh Harness Fail – pulling my recommendation 🙁 ❤ Crave Vesper Vibrating Necklace review! ❤ Liberator Obéir Spanking Bench review! ❤ He listens to podcast #112 and is considering pegging, for the first time. ❤ 26 years and counting, he offers men advice on partner selection when searching for peggers …

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Dec 11 2015

Almost Just Right

FWB = Friends With Benefits. A casual sexual relationship without commitment. LTR = Long Term Relationship Readers of my blog will likely have gathered by now that  I am a fairly sexual person. I think I’m making up for all the lost time during which I hid my kinks and tried hard to pretend they …

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