February 2016 archive

Feb 26 2016

Podcast #127

Pegging Paradise Podcast #127 ❤ Senator Rick Jones of Michigan – Free your ass, your mind will follow. ❤ He intensely relates to needing anal penetration regularly to stay balanced. ❤ She wants it, he’s not thrilled, but will try it because he loves her. ❤ He gives HIMSELF a facial! Seriously. ❤ He’s researching …

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Feb 21 2016

Podcast #126

Pegging Paradise Podcast #126 ⇑⇑⇑ Click Link to Listen! ⇑⇑⇑ ❤ Interview with Semenette® CEO Stephanie Berman, who joins me to talk about her newest iteration, the POPDildo, and all the ways it can ‘fit’ into the pegging world!! Linkorama POPDildo Semenette Stephanie’s Websites! POPDildo.com TheSemenette.com  

Feb 18 2016

Anal Numbing Agents

Here are the reasons never to use a numbing agent for pegging: 1) Pain is an indicator. You want to know if you are feeling pain because if you are, you are doing it wrong. Go back and do a refresher, read either newbie ass play for couples or newbie solo ass play. 2) Without …

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Feb 08 2016

Senator Jones, WTF??

Michigan Lawmakers Pin Unconstitutional Sodomy Law to Animal Cruelty Bill Actually, the state is one of around one dozen to maintain laws against specific sex acts even after such laws were deemed illegal over a decade ago in the 2003 U.S. Supreme Court case, Lawrence v. Texas. But to reaffirm it with another bill? What …

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Feb 07 2016

Podcast #125

Pegging Paradise Podcast #125 ❤ Search Term Fun! ❤ Out of Body Experience Man’s wife shares her side of the story. ❤ He wants her to come, too! Maybe a little too much. ❤ Emotional reactions to pegging? Internalized emotions because of penetration? ❤ Too much too soon. She’s struggling. ❤ They are on the …

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Feb 03 2016

Podcast #124

Pegging Paradise Podcast #124 ❤ She’s normally submissive during sex but not when she has her cock on! ❤ He’s sad his wife won’t have another go at it. 18 months since the first time. 🙁 ❤ Closet Wannabe peggee listens to podcast #112 and plans to search for a partner! ❤ He wants advice …

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