November 2016 archive

Nov 28 2016

Of Dreams, Shelves and Tears

I had a marvelous dream this morning as I was on the edge of wakefulness. This man was cooking with me, in my kitchen. We were getting to know each other. He was a bright light, delightful to be around, relaxed and fun. I was trying to find a pot big enough to contain the …

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Nov 24 2016

Podcast #149

Pegging Paradise Podcast #149 ❤ Interview with Mark – a newcomer to pegging! Linkorama Tantus Acute Spare Parts Joque Sex Swing Ergoflo Director bulb syringe

Nov 24 2016


So many things to be grateful for. Not just this day but every day. Where I live. People travel to where I live for their vacations! The ocean is close. The mountains are close. I can see the stars at night because I live out in the country. My home is big and comfortable. My …

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Nov 21 2016

Kinkly.Com 2016 Sex Blogger Awards!

Each year chooses their “Top 100 Top Sex Blogging Superheroes”. They started this in 2013. Kinkly asks that you request your readers to go to and vote for you during the month of November. The first year I asked for your votes, and came in at #12. The second year I ignored the …

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Nov 20 2016

Podcast #148

Pegging Paradise Podcast #148 ❤ Election reflections – no more wallowing ❤ Patreon thank yous ❤ honors Pegging Paradise! ❤ He’s having butt play difficulties – help! ❤ He’s happy, having fun and just wanted to share… ❤ Pegging virgin can only find dominatrices. Help! ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! ❤ They tried once, did …

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Nov 14 2016

Non-Sexual Touch – Are You Getting Enough?

Touch has always been very important to me. I have such fond memories of cuddling with my mom when I was still young enough to mostly fit in her lap. My mom was a big woman, soft and comfortable to lay against. Being held was comforting and reassuring on a deep level. It made me …

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