Feb 10 2017

Podcast #154

Pegging Paradise Podcast #154

❤ New Patrons/Donations!
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ After years of growing apart, they have reversed that trend!
❤ His girlfriend isn't on board and he can't get toys...?
❤ We-Vibe 4/ We-Vibe Sync/ We-Vibe Unite
❤ He dives down the Sling Rabbit Hole - I follow
❤ His full body orgasm with no come has her curious - normal?
❤ Update from 142/147 He's enjoying sex with men and cross-dressing!
❤ Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ Lingerie and communication leads to their first pegging experience!
❤ His girlfriend told him to explore his ass. How to get to pegging?


Podcast #112 - For the Ladies
Aneros Forum
How to Make Fake Semen
Reid Mihalko - Sex and Relationship Role Model
Cathy Vartuli - Thriving Now
Ass Play For Beginners

Jim Support Padded Canvas Sling and Frame kit
Jim Support Sling Video
Stockroom Travel Sling/Stirrup Combo - The one Ruby is lusting for!
Liberator Waterproof Blanket
DIY Leather Hanging Sling
DIY Leather Sit Sling
Pop Ejaculating Dildo
Glyde Sheer Dental Dam

Feb 12th Pegging Classes with Ruby in Long Beach


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  1. Disclaimer: Please take this in the light hearted spirit it is intended to be.

    The “Travel Sling/Stirrup Combo” What’s a nice girl like you doing interested in a deviant device like this 😉

    Best regards,

  2. No offense taken! I love it. lol
    Deviance can be so very delicious….

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