Jul 04 2017

Silicone Compatibility… With Silicone!

Whenever I tell people that my favorite - holy grail level of favorite - pegging lube is Sliquid Silk, and that it's a hybrid lube that's 12% silicone and 88% water based....people freak out.

"NO! In the name of all sex toys that you hold sacred...NEVER combine silicone toys and silicone lube!" They chant.

I was one of those chanters once.

I know a lot about sex toys. I go to shows. I talk to manufacturers. I test toys. A few years back I remember hearing from the owner of a company that makes the very best silicone lube - Uberlube - that in reality, if you have a quality silicone lube and you use it with a quality silicone toy, there's not a problem. I initially met that declaration with disbelief, but with time I have come to be a believer.

First let me say that Uberlube, IMO, is not at all suitable for pegging. I prefer a lube that has a thicker consistency to it, some heft. I like lube to mostly stay where I put it, and I like to see it. Uberlube is great for PIV sex, and even better for shower PIV sex, because it keeps working and doesn't wash off. You do need to be careful of getting some on the bottom of the shower and slipping, however, but I digress. Uberlube is not for pegging, IMO. But this claim of compatibility opened my mind to the possibility of silicone-containing lubes for pegging.

I began to hear the silicone/silicone compatibility claim from others, including quality toy manufacturers. Then I encountered Sliquid Silk. What I was told from the folks at Sliquid Silk is that in their experience, there wasn't enough silicone in the formulation to cause problems, even with toys of lesser quality.

So I tried it, and the rest is history. Now, I shout to all who will listen that Sliquid Silk is the Holy Grail of Pegging Lubes.

I have used this lube with toys from Tantus, Fuze, Vixen Creations, Fun Factory, Lelo, and JeJoue. I have NEVER had a problem. Ever! When I brought this up in a thread on reddit/pegging, I was told that the lube could be causing 'micro-pitting' and I wouldn't know it. Wow - seriously, people?

I realize that when you pay big bucks for quality toys, you get pretty protective of them. So I understand the reluctance to test my claims, despite my assurances. And besides, you wonder, if this is really true, why aren't more lube companies putting this information on their websites and even on the bottles?

I'll tell you why.

First of all, sex toys are unregulated, which means they can tell you that the toy is made of anything they want, and the label could be completely fallacious. There are no repercussions in sex toy world for manufacturers who are dishonest on labels, because sex toys are classified as 'novelties', which technically means that they have no use. So even if they have manufactured the toys with chemicals that have been banned from children's toys and pet toys (yes, this really happens), they don't give a fuck, basically. For (much) more information about that - read this.

So...given that the veracity of the labels is not something you can depend upon, you could have a toy that is not made from silicone at all, despite the claims on the label. There you are, using a silicone lube with it. The toy gets fucked up, you get mad at the manufacturers of the lube, or the toy, or whoever told you that you can combine the two. See the problem? No lube company wants to be held liable for bad toy labeling of poor quality toys and the consequential toy damage.

The compatibility is real, though. Seriously. I encourage you to use Sliquid Silk for your pegging. Just give it a try and let me know what you think!

If, however, you purchased your toy on Amazon for $12, it's clear and it has a distinct (and not pleasant) smell, you do not have a quality toy! Read the article linked above and then get a body-safe toy.

Support my work - purchase Sliquid Silk from this link and use the coupon code Ryder for 15% off!

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  1. Hi Ruby. I have used the Sliquid Organics Silk together with the Vixskin Mustang and after a couple of uses, unfortunately the dildo has gone “sticky”. Sliquid doesn’t state the % of silicone in the Organics Silk but I guess it could be higher.

    I wanted to get the one you suggested exactly but it wasn’t available in my region, so I tried another hybrid blend from Sliquid.

    Just wanted to let you and others know.

    1. The amount of silicone in the Organics is 12% – same as the non-organic. This is the very first time I have heard of any toy being affected by the Sliquid Silk – though you did use the Organic version. I don’t actually recommend the Organic for pegging because the aloe vera in it dries and gets sticky = no bueno for pegging.

      I guess this leaves us at the cardinal rule for questionable toy/lube pairings: if there is any question at all of compatibility, do a spot check first on the base. Thanks for adding your experience to the knowledge base here.

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