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Sep 03 2017

Blue Lace

Karen and her girlfriend are at a party. A decidedly non-kinky party. Imagine Karen’s surprise when she sees that bit of blue lace. Shenanigans ensue and the party guests are none the wiser.
2500 words
panties, spontaneity, doing what you want, consent is sexy

Aug 04 2017

Laptop Disclosure

That moment when everything changes, when what was going to be, will no longer be. And what will now be is infinitely preferable. All that from the bump of a laptop one night. Martina and Daniel have a new road to saunter down…and saunter they do!
1500 words
sensual pegging, disclosure, surprises

Jun 05 2017

She Needed to Relax

He knew she’d had a stressful week, and decided to offer himself up for stress relief, with the ulterior motive of getting fucked. She switched things up on him a bit and they explore new territory together. Territory he won’t be able to forget for a few days.
1900 words
bdsm, D/s, panties, paddling

May 15 2017

The Red Shoes – Dean

Betty’s husband Dean is sitting there working away when he gets her text. Game on! His favorite kind of game. The morning offers challenges that are accepted, inspiration, new heights of pleasure, and a tale about red shoes.

Apr 07 2017

The Red Shoes – Betty

Betty is a rich housewife with two teenagers and an awesome husband, Dean. One morning she sheds the upper class expectations that come from living in an expensive gated community and allows her rebel to take over. Fun things happen! Red Shoes are involved.

rebelliousness, red shoes, new friends, sensual pegging
2000 words

Mar 15 2017

The Red Shoes – Martin

Martin’s commute to work takes an unhappy detour due to a freeway accident. A chance encounter with a pair of red heels changes all that as memories come flooding back of his very favorite honeymoon sex.
sensual pegging, prostate orgasm, snowball, honeymoon
925 words

Dec 31 2016

Ramping Things Up

Jack and Maggie are determined to keep their sex life exciting, even when work takes its toll. The internet aids in their quest, and when packages start arriving, the fun begins.
sexual exploration, sensual pegging, sex furniture, relationships, lite bondage
1700 words

Oct 21 2016

The Siren – Part Two

Now that Sophia has Tommy in her thrall, she tests him to see if he’s suitable to join her collection of men. Tommy experiences many new things…all in a parking lot.
bdsm, D/s, public sex, irresistible, rope
2800 words

Oct 03 2016

The Siren – Part One

Ace Hardware was the last place Tommy expected his life to change, but everything about Sophia was unexpected, and irresistible. What happens when you can’t say no? Tommy’s about to find out.
Part one of two.
rope, irresistible, lips, parking lots, BDSM, orgasm denial
1900 words

Aug 30 2016

A Blue Ribbon Night

Malcolm loves Vivian’s wildness, even if it scares him a little. When she tells him to meet her for Thai food after work, his radar goes off. He can hear it in her voice. What will happen this time? He hopes it won’t include public humiliation or arrest. He’s right on one count.
covert public stimulation, butt plug, cock ring, kitchen table, adventures, multiple orgasms, D/s
3300 words

Pegging Paradise