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Apr 30

Masturbation Month 2016!!!


Well here we are again…the merry month of May is upon us! May brings a lot of merry in my world, and I love to share that merriness with you all! If you’d like to know the story behind how Masturbation Month orginated, Click Here. (Thank you, Joycelyn Elders!) There is a time-honored tradition here …

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Apr 26

Hey Guys – Unsure about Exploring Your Ass? Listen to What This Guy Has to Say…

Zachary Zane

“It perplexes me how men who seem to value sexual satisfaction above everything else refuse to let anything enter their rear. If they just dropped their heteromasculine facade, they could start having real pleasure. Real intimacy. Real connections. Real empathy. There’s no reason why only gay and bisexual men should get to experience all the …

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Mar 29

Podcast #130

Buck Angel!

Pegging Paradise Podcast #130 ❤ North Carolina and their new trans-phobic bathroom law. ❤ She wonders about Dominance/Submission and pegging – isn’t pegging a reward and doesn’t a dominant woman take pleasure in withholding a reward? ❤ The Engineer updates us…it’s been 2 years, but I can almost hear the music. ❤ Lube questions – …

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Mar 22

Pegging and Crossdressing?

neoromantika 1

Call for stories! Gentlemen – if you love to combine crossdressing with pegging, I want to hear from you! Upcoming podcast just for you. Send to ruby@peggingparadise.com or call it in to (805)500-6544. No matter what your experience is, whether you are out or not, your partner knows or doesn’t – whatever place crossdressing has …

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Mar 11

Podcast #128


Pegging Paradise Podcast #128 ❤ Interview with Matt from Seattle! ❤ Letter from Paula the Cross Dresser ❤ Invitation to all CDs/TVs – tell me your story! Linkorama Fuze Dildo Singles We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibe  

Feb 26

Podcast #127


Pegging Paradise Podcast #127 ❤ Senator Rick Jones of Michigan – Free your ass, your mind will follow. ❤ He intensely relates to needing anal penetration regularly to stay balanced. ❤ She wants it, he’s not thrilled, but will try it because he loves her. ❤ He gives HIMSELF a facial! Seriously. ❤ He’s researching …

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Feb 07

Podcast #125


Pegging Paradise Podcast #125 ❤ Search Term Fun! ❤ Out of Body Experience Man’s wife shares her side of the story. ❤ He wants her to come, too! Maybe a little too much. ❤ Emotional reactions to pegging? Internalized emotions because of penetration? ❤ Too much too soon. She’s struggling. ❤ They are on the …

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Feb 03

Podcast #124

onthekneesnow 1

Pegging Paradise Podcast #124 ❤ She’s normally submissive during sex but not when she has her cock on! ❤ He’s sad his wife won’t have another go at it. 18 months since the first time. 🙁 ❤ Closet Wannabe peggee listens to podcast #112 and plans to search for a partner! ❤ He wants advice …

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Dec 29

Podcast #120


Pegging Paradise Podcast #120 ❤ Spinal nerve damage left him partly numb, ass play brings a whole new world of intense orgasms. ❤ He got liquored up, spilled the beans and now she’s using toys on him!! ❤ This young man waxes poetic, philosophical and eloquently about pegging… ❤ She wonders what to call her …

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Dec 24

Podcast #119


Pegging Paradise Podcast #119 ❤ Interview with Michelle Renee from… ❤  SexAfterMarriage.org ❤ Classes January 10th in Long Beach! Happy Holidays from Ruby!!

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