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Jun 19

(M)I’m Scared to Tell My (F)Partner

Gentlemen First of all… You are not alone. Certainly not alone in the sense of enjoying anal stimulation, and not alone in the sense of scared to tell your significant other. It can be a super scary thing, for a lot of reasons. Telling your partner requires 3 things. Communication Information Patience/Persistence Communication: Do you …

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Jun 07

Search Term Issue

No Ass Sign red circle and slash

how to make a straight man accept that he craves or enjoys anal penetration The phrasing concerns me, here… Answer: You cannot MAKE anyone do anything. Some men enjoy anal penetration. Some men don’t. You can give your partner links or information if you think they don’t know enough about it to make a choice, …

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May 27



Just about every day, as the awareness of and interest in pegging sweeps around the world, I receive a question from someone full of concerns, questions, fears and most of all, misconceptions. The same themes present over and over again. While these themes can each be explored in depth, here are the short answers…. For …

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May 26

Students of DomCon Classes!


A quick run down of some of the things we talked about during class – specifically the dildos, harnesses and the lube. These are my favorites! If you click on the photos, you can shop for these items at EnticeMe.com, which supports my work! Be sure to use the coupon code Ruby for 20% off! …

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May 08

Podcast #132


Pegging Paradise Podcast #132 ❤ Playgirl’s online survey stats make my day! ❤ Ruby was on Comedy Central’s Not Safe With Nikki Glaser ❤ Ruby’s interview with the “Life on the Swingset” crew! ❤ He’s looking for tips to move up a size in diameter? ❤ He wants a longer dildo to solve bubble butt …

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Apr 26

Hey Guys – Unsure about Exploring Your Ass? Listen to What This Guy Has to Say…

Zachary Zane

“It perplexes me how men who seem to value sexual satisfaction above everything else refuse to let anything enter their rear. If they just dropped their heteromasculine facade, they could start having real pleasure. Real intimacy. Real connections. Real empathy. There’s no reason why only gay and bisexual men should get to experience all the …

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Feb 26

Podcast #127


Pegging Paradise Podcast #127 ❤ Senator Rick Jones of Michigan – Free your ass, your mind will follow. ❤ He intensely relates to needing anal penetration regularly to stay balanced. ❤ She wants it, he’s not thrilled, but will try it because he loves her. ❤ He gives HIMSELF a facial! Seriously. ❤ He’s researching …

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Feb 18

Anal Numbing Agents


Here are the reasons never to use a numbing agent for pegging: 1) Pain is an indicator. You want to know if you are feeling pain because if you are, you are doing it wrong. Go back and do a refresher, read either newbie ass play for couples or newbie solo ass play. 2) Without …

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Feb 07

Podcast #125


Pegging Paradise Podcast #125 ❤ Search Term Fun! ❤ Out of Body Experience Man’s wife shares her side of the story. ❤ He wants her to come, too! Maybe a little too much. ❤ Emotional reactions to pegging? Internalized emotions because of penetration? ❤ Too much too soon. She’s struggling. ❤ They are on the …

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Jan 28

Podcast #123

A Heady Mix

Pegging Paradise Podcast #123 ❤ How do they add clit stimulation to a Fun Factory Share? ❤ He’s doing the dishes with a plug in, and I make his day! ❤ They explore “erotic sexual denial” through orgasm control ❤ He discovers “riding” with the help of a FB friend ❤ Husband of loving & …

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