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Oct 03 2017

Podcast #169

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #169 ❤ Patreon Update ❤ Large/Long Strap-on Insertion Clip ❤ Vagus Nerve Stimulation!! ❤ He asks – look for the pegger first or look for the woman first? ❤ His story of how they came to crossdressing and pegging ❤Pegging Celebration Time ❤His story of their gradual path to pegging ❤ …

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Jul 21 2017

Podcast #161

Pegging Paradise Podcast #161 ❤ Ruby’s reflections on turning 60 ❤ Update on Patreon pledges ❤ He’s all about his ass, and forgotten about her… ❤ His fantasy of me is awesome, also wonders how to get Fuze toys in the UK? ❤ He’s interested in exploring other dildos, seeks guidance and info on gloves, …

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Aug 19 2016

Podcast #139

Pegging Paradise Podcast #139 ❤ Rodeoh Harness Review ❤ She pegged him, he left her for men. Support group? ❤ He suggests figging – sings it’s praises. ❤ He asked her, she said yes, now many equipment questions! ❤ Pegging, Chastity and Cross-dressing adventures. He is her bitch. ❤ Chastity, a hard fucking with a large dildo and …

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Jun 25 2016

Podcast #135

Pegging Paradise Podcast #135 ❤ Another score for podcast #112 – They are pegging once a month! ❤ She discovered he plays himself but refuses her participation and won’t be honest. ❤ During self play he experienced Multiple Prostate Orgasms, and it was very very wet! ❤ She has questions about strap-ons angles and positions …

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Apr 29 2016

Podcast #131 – Crossdressing!

Pegging Paradise Podcast #131 Crossdressing ❤ His Aunt Linda trained him from the start! ❤ It started with a dream and now he wears panties and pantyhose every day! ❤ Joanne’s crossdressing is an “all or nothing” experience – and she has her own room! ❤ He looks forward to combining pegging and crossdressing, and …

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Mar 22 2016

Pegging and Crossdressing?

Call for stories! Gentlemen – if you love to combine crossdressing with pegging, I want to hear from you! Upcoming podcast just for you. Send to ruby@peggingparadise.com or call it in to (805)500-6544. No matter what your experience is, whether you are out or not, your partner knows or doesn’t – whatever place crossdressing has …

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Mar 11 2016

Podcast #128

Pegging Paradise Podcast #128 ❤ Interview with Matt from Seattle! ❤ Letter from Paula the Cross Dresser ❤ Invitation to all CDs/TVs – tell me your story! Linkorama Fuze Dildo Singles We-Vibe Tango Bullet Vibe  

May 02 2014

Day 2 Orgasm 2

Seriously, this was all I needed to fantasize about, well, any one of these gorgeous young men in their fucking sexy high heels….bending over…anything, as I have my way with him. My favorite is the one with the beard on the left in this picture. He dances in a way that makes me want to …

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