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Dec 27 2017

Podcast #180

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #180 ❤ EnticeMe.com Sale through Dec 30th! ❤ Special podcast submission deadline reminder ❤ He wants to convince his long distance LTR to try pegging, help? ❤ He would like to introduce his GF to the idea of pegging, help? ❤ He’s Dom, she’s sub, and they are happily pegging …

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Mar 15 2017

Podcast #157

Pegging Paradise Podcast #157 ❤ He needs a harness and dildo for his BBW wife ❤ His story – Pegging (kind of) turned him straight! ❤ Aspiring toy maker, he found the podcast and tells his story. ❤ She requests a “What to Do” podcast ❤ She seeks ideas of what to wear while pegging …

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Oct 08 2015

Podcast #113

Pegging Paradise Podcast #113 ❤ Couple listens to podcast #112 – it goes well. ❤ His journey from preparation to fear of disclosure to telling her – it goes well. (And podcast #112 played a part here, too.) ❤ More lube shooter information from a hopeful peggee. ❤ Brazilian Gal writes in and tells of …

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Aug 19 2015

Podcast #109

Pegging Paradise Podcast #109 ❤ Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome – Pegging could help! Tons of information. ❤ Ruby fucked up and called Texas conservatives bad names. Seriously. ❤ Houston, Texas, however, now has a thriving Pegging Club! ❤ PSA information – viewpoint from the owner of a healthy prostate ❤ PSA information – viewpoint from a man who had prostate …

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Apr 24 2015

Podcast #101

Pegging Paradise Podcast #101 ❤ Classes May 13th in Long Beach! ❤ Interview with another lovely Pegger – Sue!   Linkorama Joan Price – Naked at Our Age Aneros Prostate Massager Aneros Forum – lots of men talking about prostate pleasure/orgasms! High Island – the original Aneros website Njoy Purewand (Don’t forget to use the coupon code …

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Aug 12 2013

Podcast #58

Pegging Paradise Podcast #58 ❤ Crossdressing Peggee is happy to have found Pegging Paradise and has questions about equipment ❤ What hurts the most is women disparaging men who enjoy pegging ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! ❤ Listen to the story of the Happily Pegging Reddit Couple who, with the help of liquid courage, discovered not …

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Jun 24 2013

Podcast #52

Pegging Paradise Podcast #52 ❤ Crowd sourcing another video ❤ Results from previous video crowd sourcing ❤ MakeLoveNotPorn.TV ❤ He talks about the fear of revealing ❤ Brene Brown’s TED talks ❤ Dan Savage gay hints for straight couples ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! ❤ His story from exchanged fantasies to pegging to abstinence for a …

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Apr 29 2013

Podcast #45

Pegging Paradise Podcast #45 ❤ He took a while to tell her and she wished he’d done it sooner! ❤ She only found pegging because she wanted to wear a cock. ❤ The poignantly difficult time of being a man everyone expects to be dominant when he has craved submission and being a bottom for …

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Mar 18 2013

Savage on Straight Guys

Sound quality is not so good but the message is worth it! My favorite part: There’s no override switch in your butt that will turn you gay.

Feb 20 2013

Podcast #36

Pegging Paradise Podcast #36 ❤ Female Condom reduces mess for IBS peggee and they are shopping for a double ❤ She’s 25, loves pegging and is looking for a like-minded man who is sexually open and wants a relationship. I’ll just step out of the way of the stampede…  Seriously, where should she look? (I …

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