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May 20 2017

Day 18 Orgasm 21

Mmmm….Masturbation! Gotta love May. I am doggedly pursuing my goal of at least one orgasm per day! And today was not difficult. Was kind of like the Trader Joe’s guy. But this man was tall, silver haired with blue eyes. He had a vitality that almost vibrated off of him as he stood there in …

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May 18 2017

Day 17 Orgasm 20

OMG OMG OMG. New toy! The G-Kii was set aside to rest tonight in favor of something new…because I most definitely like variety. And you know, in case y’all are wondering why I just don’t use my hand – I can certainly do that. But after 26 years (and counting) of massage, the wrists appreciate …

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May 18 2017

Day 16 Orgasm 19

Someone needs to give this young lady a lesson on safe toys…because that one looks suspicious! Though she definitely looks like she’s having a lovely time. I took a long, hot bath this evening and had some fun with the G-Kii one more time, because guess what? It’s waterproof! Yep. Versatile is an understatement. Getting …

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May 15 2017

Day 14 Orgasm 17

Mother’s Day. A day somehow at odds with sexy stuff, in my mind. I mean, I could picture a man lovingly fucking his wife, the mother of his children, on Mother’s Day after all the breakfast in bed stuff and celebratory dinner things happen, and the kids are fast asleep. But that was not something …

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May 02 2017

Day 2 Orgasm 3

Second day into Masturbation Month 2017 and I am fucking inspired, I tell you! I was surfing the internet to gather pictures of masturbation, and that turned me on. So I found some great gay porn to watch and get off for the second time today. What makes gay porn great for me? Well first …

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Oct 16 2016

Podcast #146 Part 2

  Pegging Paradise Podcast #146 Part 2 ❤ Pegging Gang Bang Interview with Michelle Remember how in podcast #119 I talked with Michelle about her very first pegging experience when I interviewed her? Well this time Michelle tells the story of her first pegging gang bang!! Enjoy.  

Oct 16 2016

Podcast #146 Part 1

Pegging Paradise Podcast #146 Part 1   ❤ Pegging Gang Bang Interview with Michelle Remember how in podcast #119 I interviewed Michelle about her very first pegging experience? Well this time Michelle tells the story of her first pegging gang bang!! Enjoy.  

May 21 2016

Day 21, Orgasm?

Continued… I drive home and play with the remote all the way. It’s a 15 minute drive from the restaurant. He is no longer quiet now that we are alone. His moans are loud and occasionally high pitched when I turn the plug up to the strongest setting. He reaches his hand down to his …

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Jun 01 2015

Podcast #103

Pegging Paradise Podcast #103 ⇑⇑⇑Click right here to stream podcast⇑⇑⇑ ❤ The woman from podcast 81 checks in. 1.5 years of pegging later! Hand free orgasm attained. ❤ They share a mutual fantasy of having another man in their bed, but religious beliefs are holding them back. ❤ She blames him playing with his prostate on his eventual male …

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May 30 2015

Day 30 Orgasm 34

  “Put it in your mouth, Dave. Just do it.” I was running out of patience. “But, why?” Such a plaintive tone. “Because I asked you to! That’s all the reason you need!” Thank goodness he couldn’t see my eyes roll. I watched him close his eyes and stick his tongue out, unwilling to dive …

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