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Jul 03 2017

Balls To Attach to Dildos?

I recall at some point (one of my podcasts) being asked about balls that can be attached to a dildo so that they swing. Not sure if these would swing, but you could certainly add them to your strap-on if you like your dildos with balls! https://www.mrhankeystoys.com/blank-rwrlr/remove-o-balls

Jun 29 2017

Podcast #160

Pegging Paradise Podcast #160 ❤ Ruby’s turning 60! ❤ Pegging Celebration Time ❤ They were each other’s firsts! ❤ Button Fly Jeans as harness suggestion! ❤ They peg. They do Chastity. He wants to do both! ❤ Pegging Celebration Time ❤ Patient Husband waited 7 Years, It finally happened! ❤ Her switch got flipped by …

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Jun 16 2017

The Boundless Experience

Well. I just returned late last night from attending Boundless, a kinky weekend-long retreat in Northern California. I found out about Boundless due to a chance crossing of paths with a man on FetLife.com. His profile photo was of him in a flashy, cream colored suit. I complimented him on the suit and a conversation …

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May 13 2017

Happy Birthday Erotica!

Click Here …for more erotica than you can handle! Enjoy!!! Love, Ruby P.S. Since this went up late (best laid plans. 🙁 I screwed up on the scheduling) – You will have until Monday at midnight to enjoy all the stories!

May 11 2017

Day 11 Orgasm 14 – Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to Pegging Paradise Seven years ago on this very day, I posted my very first blog post! Seven years later, I am happily blogging, teaching and podcasting, feeling so blessed to be able to love my work and pursue my passions. Thank you all. Without you readers and listeners, all my efforts would …

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May 01 2017

Masturbation Month 2017

Welcome to the month of May – dubbed as “Masturbation Month” back in 1995 by Good Vibrations toy store in San Francisco, in honor of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders.  Details of the back story can be found here. 2017 is the 22nd anniversary of Masturbation Month! The first year I wrote about Masturbation Month was in 2010, …

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Nov 24 2016


So many things to be grateful for. Not just this day but every day. Where I live. People travel to where I live for their vacations! The ocean is close. The mountains are close. I can see the stars at night because I live out in the country. My home is big and comfortable. My …

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Nov 21 2016

Kinkly.Com 2016 Sex Blogger Awards!

Each year Kinkly.com chooses their “Top 100 Top Sex Blogging Superheroes”. They started this in 2013. Kinkly asks that you request your readers to go to Kinkly.com and vote for you during the month of November. The first year I asked for your votes, and came in at #12. The second year I ignored the …

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Nov 14 2016

Non-Sexual Touch – Are You Getting Enough?

Touch has always been very important to me. I have such fond memories of cuddling with my mom when I was still young enough to mostly fit in her lap. My mom was a big woman, soft and comfortable to lay against. Being held was comforting and reassuring on a deep level. It made me …

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Oct 21 2016

Shameless Request For Votes

Kinkly.com is having their top 100 sex blogger contest once again. I would appreciate your vote! Here’s the link (you don’t have to register or anything): And here’s a pretty picture for your troubles! 😉  

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