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Aug 30 2016

A Blue Ribbon Night

blue satin ribbon

Malcolm loves Vivian’s wildness, even if it scares him a little. When she tells him to meet her for Thai food after work, his radar goes off. He can hear it in her voice. What will happen this time? He hopes it won’t include public humiliation or arrest. He’s right on one count.
covert public stimulation, butt plug, cock ring, kitchen table, adventures, multiple orgasms, D/s
3300 words

Jul 26 2016

Podcast #137


Pegging Paradise Podcast #137   ❤ He’s a manly man. She likes it that way. Pegging is difficult while manly. ❤ He’s sensitive to lubes! Help! ❤ He hopes pleasure for her will get her more interested. Equipment suggestions? ❤ He offers a detailed description of how he achieves multiple prostate orgasms ❤ Two men …

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Jun 25 2016

Podcast #135


Pegging Paradise Podcast #135 ❤ Another score for podcast #112 – They are pegging once a month! ❤ She discovered he plays himself but refuses her participation and won’t be honest. ❤ During self play he experienced Multiple Prostate Orgasms, and it was very very wet! ❤ She has questions about strap-ons angles and positions …

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Feb 26 2016

Podcast #127


Pegging Paradise Podcast #127 ❤ Senator Rick Jones of Michigan – Free your ass, your mind will follow. ❤ He intensely relates to needing anal penetration regularly to stay balanced. ❤ She wants it, he’s not thrilled, but will try it because he loves her. ❤ He gives HIMSELF a facial! Seriously. ❤ He’s researching …

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Feb 07 2016

Podcast #125


Pegging Paradise Podcast #125 ❤ Search Term Fun! ❤ Out of Body Experience Man’s wife shares her side of the story. ❤ He wants her to come, too! Maybe a little too much. ❤ Emotional reactions to pegging? Internalized emotions because of penetration? ❤ Too much too soon. She’s struggling. ❤ They are on the …

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Sep 15 2015

Podcast #112 For the Ladies


Pegging Paradise Podcast #112 For the Ladies! ❤ For all the Ladies who are new to pegging! Did your significant other send you here? Are you wondering what this “pegging” thing is all about? This podcast is for you. Click the link above to hear an introduction to pegging, and… ❤ What it is ❤ …

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Dec 24 2014

Podcast #96


    Pegging Paradise Podcast #96 ❤ Don’t buy sex toys from Amazon ❤ New Toy Report – Share Vibe! ❤ Finally decided how I feel about Toxic Toys ❤ Reddit Prostate posts – check them out! ❤ She unhappy; he loves pegging and she hates it. He’s not listening. ❤ They are pegging to the exclusion of …

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Nov 26 2014

Newbie Solo Ass Play

prostate massage

  Gentlemen, perhaps you have found your way here from links on the internet somewhere and you were intrigued. Or perhaps your lovely SO has mentioned that she’d like to explore your ass. Only one problem – you have never done ass play. Like, in your whole life. Never. Not so much as a finger. …

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Jul 18 2014

Search Term Fun

Found a few things in my Google Analytics in the words people use to find my website. So I’m just going to throw them up there and answer the questions and/or tell you my opinion about the subjects. is pegging ok Anything done between 2 consenting adults that does not cause harm to either person …

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Dec 02 2013

Podcast #71


Pegging Paradise Podcast #71 ❤ Prostate questions from France ❤ A Sweet Compliment ❤ Pegging Interruptus – When life interferes ❤ After a long journey, he’s quite sure he’s straight and he loves it in the butt. His new partner is not so sure… ❤ Wild comment on Prostate Orgasm article ❤ Differentiating between ejaculation …

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