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Dec 27 2017

Podcast #180

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #180 ❤ EnticeMe.com Sale through Dec 30th! ❤ Special podcast submission deadline reminder ❤ He wants to convince his long distance LTR to try pegging, help? ❤ He would like to introduce his GF to the idea of pegging, help? ❤ He’s Dom, she’s sub, and they are happily pegging …

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Feb 22 2012

Where Did You Wear It?

Awesome new website that lets you tell the world every time you have safe sex! Did you have sex and wear a condom? Put a marker on the map where it all went down! “Where Did You Wear It?”

Jul 20 2010

Rimming Risks

Warning: Clinical blog post coming up. If you wanna play, ya gotta know the rules… While rimming can be a wonderfully intimate, hot experience to give and receive, please know the risks before diving in to that adorable, inviting puckered hole… Consider carefully the exposure you are risking. Unprotected analingus is like unprotected sex and …

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