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Aug 05 2017

The Cardinal Rules of Safe Pegging – PANTS

Sure, we all dream of those seminal moments of exploring our most powerful fantasy – Pegging. Maybe it’s that take-your-breath-away sensation of feeling the head of a dildo being pushed into your ass for the very first time, or perhaps it’s being the one with the hotter-than-hot view of pushing that dildo into your receiver’s …

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Feb 18 2016

Anal Numbing Agents

Here are the reasons never to use a numbing agent for pegging: 1) Pain is an indicator. You want to know if you are feeling pain because if you are, you are doing it wrong. Go back and do a refresher, read either newbie ass play for couples or newbie solo ass play. 2) Without …

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Sep 22 2014

Podcast #90

Pegging Paradise Podcast #90 ❤ How the phone line works…. ❤ He’s concerned about large size play but loves being a size king! ❤ She stopped pegging because ‘there’s nothing in it for her’…how can he get her back to it? ❤ He’s wanting tips for how to target the prostate more – he wants to be incoherent with pleasure! ❤ He …

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Aug 03 2014

Podcast #88

 Pegging Paradise Podcast #88   ❤ Ventura freaks out about my pegging class position demos ❤ His back hurts when they peg – what to do? ❤ How to do the progression from anal play to thrusting? ❤ A chick with a dick – feeling uneasy ❤ She want to watch him get pegged by another woman. He’s confused. …

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Oct 18 2013

I’m Concerned

A man found my website with the search words: “i bled after being pegged” This situation always concerns me. Anal tissues are much more fragile and subject to tearing than, for example, vaginal tissues (where babies are born from). So many people do not realize that care must be taken when approaching anal penetration. A …

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Aug 04 2013

Podcast #57

Pegging Paradise Podcast #57 ❤ So what’s the bottom line (ha ha) on the anal incontinence question? My condensed version. ❤ She’s researching pegging in preparation for exploring it with her friend. Smart! ❤ Women – please (with permission) share your passion for pegging far and wide! Ruby tells you how. ❤ Pegging Celebration Time! …

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Jul 29 2013

Special Edition Podcast #1

Can Pegging Cause Incontinence? All of us who love pegging or are just beginning to explore the ins and outs (ha ha) of this wonderful sexual adventure have wondered this from time to time. Idiots like Dr. Drew have not calmed any fears we might have. We all realize that there are cases of  damage …

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