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Dec 31 2016

Ramping Things Up

Jack and Maggie are determined to keep their sex life exciting, even when work takes its toll. The internet aids in their quest, and when packages start arriving, the fun begins.
sexual exploration, sensual pegging, sex furniture, relationships, lite bondage
1700 words

May 11 2016

Day 11, Orgasm 8

OMG – this was delivered today. I took a delicious slice of time and assembled it per the instructions, and my imagination went absolutely WILD with possible sexual scenarios. I’ll be writing a review for this piece of art when I’ve had the chance to ahem try it out a bit. For now I’ll just …

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Feb 08 2015

Podcast #98

Pegging Paradise Podcast #98   ❤ Men can get yeast infections, too ❤ The boy toy turns into a boyfriend – love story! ❤ He loves it, but won’t tell anyone for fear of judgment. He’s asking all women to spread the word. ❤ Her boyfriend really wants it. She’s scared it won’t go right. Newbie info. ❤ He loves …

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Pegging Paradise