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Oct 03 2017

Podcast #169

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #169 ❤ Patreon Update ❤ Large/Long Strap-on Insertion Clip ❤ Vagus Nerve Stimulation!! ❤ He asks – look for the pegger first or look for the woman first? ❤ His story of how they came to crossdressing and pegging ❤Pegging Celebration Time ❤His story of their gradual path to pegging ❤ …

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Sep 20 2017

The Dance of Dominance and Pegging

  This piece is included in the Kinky Sex Tips Blogfest 2017 !! Click here to see the links to all the other kinky bloggers who have participated, there is sure to be some great writing, great sex tips and all around sexiness. Also – don’t miss this part, there are PRIZES. Yes, I said …

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Jun 06 2017

Day 29 Orgasm 33

What was my masturbation fodder for last night? I once saw a totally hot amateur video clip of a couple. She was a slender woman propped up by pillows in a sitting position, and he was a big guy, laying over her lap. His awesomely large ass was in a perfect position to be spanked. …

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Jun 05 2017

Day 28 Orgasm 32

♥ Never. Exit only. No way! These were the thoughts going through Trevor’s mind while his best buddy Sam waxed poetic about how his wife was fucking him up the ass. He said he was loving it more than he ever thought he would, and he was getting way too detailed, especially because they were …

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Jun 04 2017

Day 27 Orgasm 31

♥ He sat in the middle of his girlfriend and 3 other women on the king size hotel bed, and hoped he hadn’t bitten off more than he could chew. They were all wearing strap-ons, every one of them. They had already figured out the order of who would fuck him when. Partly it had …

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May 28 2017

Day 23 Orgasm 27

I’m proud that I am still ahead of the curve!! Like WAY ahead of the curve. This year, Masturbation Month is rockin’. But not so proud that I am behind in my postings. Always gets to be a challenge towards the end of the month! I am still enjoying the Lelo Ina 2, oh yeah. …

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May 24 2017

Day 22 Orgasm 26

♥ The water sprayed down on him. It felt warm and delicious. Or perhaps the deliciousness was because of what he was planning. She would be gone for at least 3 hours, and had left just 30 minutes ago. She took the kids to the fair for the afternoon. The whole family had gone yesterday, …

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May 22 2017

Day 19 Orgasm 22

♥ He didn’t want to. He really didn’t. But she’d given him explicit instructions, and expected him to follow them. He stood there in the Victoria’s Secret, feeling embarrassed to be there by himself to begin with, touching a pair of silky purple panties. Sure, he could be there buying a gift for his girlfriend, …

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May 20 2017

Day 18 Orgasm 21

Mmmm….Masturbation! Gotta love May. I am doggedly pursuing my goal of at least one orgasm per day! And today was not difficult. Was kind of like the Trader Joe’s guy. But this man was tall, silver haired with blue eyes. He had a vitality that almost vibrated off of him as he stood there in …

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May 18 2017

Day 17 Orgasm 20

OMG OMG OMG. New toy! The G-Kii was set aside to rest tonight in favor of something new…because I most definitely like variety. And you know, in case y’all are wondering why I just don’t use my hand – I can certainly do that. But after 26 years (and counting) of massage, the wrists appreciate …

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