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Ruby’s Boobs! A Celebration.

Ruby's Boobs

Ruby’s Boobs! For your pleasure and perusal. I’m celebrating, by doing something I have never done; putting up a naked pic of myself on the internet! Got shut down by my host for using 112% of the ‘shared’ server that I was supposed to only have 25% of. (Heh Heh. Kinda proud of all that …

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Podcast #243

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #243 Patron/Donation Update Pegging Celebration Time! Overcoming her fears, she says yes, & they do the deed! He has questions about staying clean He draws parallel between physical and emotional/mental opening She checks in with news of her transition He’s so frustrated by the patriarchy & assumptions he’s dominant He’s …

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An Open Letter to Joe Rogan Re:Pegging

Oh, Joe. It’s the 21st century! Sex toys are just toys; a delightful variety of devices to enhance solo or partnered sexual play. News Flash: What they are not, Joe, is an indicator of sexual orientation. Not even a minute into #1332 I discovered that you, Joe Rogan (as well as your guest Annie Lederman), …

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Podcast #242

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #242 Patron and donation update Upcoming Webinars! Where Can I Find a Woman to Peg Me?” Webinar now available! He wants to but she has concerns Reflections on – Do Women Enjoy Pegging? He wonders if 20 is too young to explore pegging? She has questions about women, dominance and …

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Podcast #241

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #241 Patron/Donor Update Reactions to Ruby’s Coming Out He has questions about toys to increase her pleasure They are searching for a specific type of lady cock… They are looking for a good harness for larger hips They need a BBW and big toy harness Charles needs help talking to …

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Pegging Webinar Price Change – PSA

My Pegging Webinar game is expanding, and changing! I have been teaching a Pegging Webinar for a little over a year, now. Pegging is my passion, and I have so much information about it that I am eager to share with anyone who is interested! Initially, I offered free admission for givers if they sent …

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Podcast #240 Ruby’s Coming Out

Podcast #240 – Ruby’s Coming Out Facts About SESTA/FOSTA What Inspired Ruby What she did with that inspiration Yes, it’s true Decriminalization vs Swedish/Nordic Model Become and Ally! Articles and Information “SESTA/FOSTA is turning the web into a G-rated minefield. Here’s how to destroy it.” By Daniel Villarreal for LGBTQ Nation Remaking Manhood – Mark …

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Yes, I am a Sex Worker

International Whores’ Day 2019 A View into My World… I check my mail, look at my calendar and think about tomorrow’s appointment. He’s a sweet client who I’ve established a close connection with since he first came to see me almost 2 years ago. His last email said he was looking forward to feeling my …

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The Shooting Range

Would you ever go to a shooting range with me? Only if you wore panties and a chastity cage. Like I’d want anything else… They’ll be pink, with lace, and silky fabric that feels good against your ass. You will wish your cock could enjoy that silkiness, but alas; the cage. I’ll watch you bend …

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Podcast #239

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #239 Patron Update Masturbation Month Update Ruby Productivity Update He wants his GF to fuck him. Help? He wants to crossdress, she’s not thrilled, advice? He’s looking for photos of positions? Pegging Celebration Time His story, from solo play to awesome pegging to panties and more! He’s blossomed into a …

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