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Membership Offer Ending

Ten reasons why a Ruby Ryder Story Membership would rate right up there as a great gift for yourself or your partner: You love Erotica. Couples can look forward to that story each month…make it a special date and read to each other…ending up with hot sex, of course! You can enjoy the story solo…indulging …

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Stupid Award of the Day

From the online magazine, “The Ladies’ Monthly”. “Why You Should Open Up About Anal” is an article directed towards women about the reasons they should consider consenting to anal sex with their man. Here is a short synopsis: Your friends are all doing it. Join the crowd. You will have power; he will buy you …

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A Happy Solstice to You All

For me, Solstice is a time of reflection and renewal…a time to look back on the year with mindfulness and gratitude. First, I would like to shout from the virtual rooftops a big thank you to Dan Savage. Had I not listened to him consistently encouraging people to embrace their kinks on his sex advice …

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Newbie Question – Supposed to Feel Good?

A while ago I asked my girlfriend if she would be okay with pegging, and surprisingly she agreed. After that we stopped by a small sex shop to pick out a cheap beginner’s harness set, with a tiny dildo (we ordered some lube online). This was all well and good, but when it came down …

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Sex Blogger Needs Help

It’s about freedom. It’s about encouraging a sex-positive society. It’s about respecting those who live a little outside the box. Kendra Holliday writes a spunky, irreverent, pithy blog called “The Beautiful Kind”. Her writing is unique and daring. Kendra writes about her sex life…in such an open, balls-out manner that it’s kind of addicting. Few …

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New Word for Pegging Enthusiasts

My travels in the world of Pegging have led me to amass quite a collection of Penetralia!!! Credit where credit is due… I have to credit Babes N Horny for this word!  You might want to take a look at their offerings…particularly this piece of pure freakin’ genius, the “Me2”. Hope you are all enjoying …

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Holy Sex Toys, Batman!

Shopping for an audiophile this year? OhMiBod This is a collection of sexy, futuristic vibrators that pulse in time with the beat of the music you are listening to! Imagine hearing the beat of your favorite music that you always thought was so fucking sexy and probably even made love to a few (or more) …

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Thank You, Dan Savage

Because of Dan Savage mentioning and defining the term Pegging on Steven Colbert’s show – check out the Google Trends for the search word “Pegging”! Educating the world about Pegging…one thrust at a time! Happy Pegging, Ruby Ryder

Pegging is Mentioned in Mainstream Media!

Dan Savage, sex advice columnist and podcaster, was a guest on the Colbert Report a couple of days ago.  Dan was there mainly to talk about his project for LGBT youth – “It Gets Better”. The recent rash of LGBT suicides prompted Dan to make a video with his husband, encouraging LGBT youth to hang …

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I am particularly thankful for… A world in which I am free to pursue my passion…over and over again. My man, who loves to facilitate the pursuance of my passion…over and over again. Quality toymakers and the imagination and inventiveness that drives them. Podcasters and Bloggers who talk/write about sex! That totally hot moment when my dildo sinks …

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