Feb 10 2012

Something a Little Different

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I'm a big fan of New Ryder's Strap-on Log. And if you have gone there...you know why. Photos with that touch of class and eroticism and none of the luridness of many other sites. Once I sent him a photo in offering for his blog and his reply was a very sweet thank you but, "it is not the honey I want to drizzle onto my blog." Yikes...that makes me squirm just reading that. Yum.

New Ryder and I have a nice connection, a coincidental last name and a love of the deeper truths of sexuality. (His lady is damn lucky to have him, IMHO.)

His writing is what makes a fine blog really special. It never fails to touch me. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Here is another fine piece of his writing I suggest you peruse. It's worth the read.

New Ryder always is.


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  1. I used to follow NewRyder’s tumblr closely, but it looks like it is a closed garden now, password-protected. It’s a great shame to see all that work go — do you know if he is open to providing passwords to people?

    1. NewRyder is going through some things, unfortunately. I did have the password to his Tumblr but it appears to have been changed, and he’s not responding to emails… 🙁 I will let you know if there are any new developments in that situation.

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