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Anal training cone pops right up

Podcast #303 Pops Right Up!

Pegging Paradise Podcast #303 Just when you wondered if you’d lost me… Another podcast pops right up! Information/Articles Equipment I hope you enjoy this podcast. Speaking of something that pops right up, there are two inflatable toys for you to

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Witnessing can be so powerful for so many who just want to share

The Magic of Simple Witnessing

Witnessing of Big Toy Play What is ‘Witnessing’? Let me explain. A while ago I wrote an article about the stigma of men using big toys. There are still many women who cannot accept mere male receptive anal play as

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Ruby Ryder reviews the Strap On Me Inflatable Dildo Plug

New Strap On Me Inflatable Dildo Plug!

Strap On Me Inflatable Dildo Plug The Basics: Inflatable Dildo Plug Care Important detail – do not use alcohol, acetone, or ‘petrol-based cleaning products’ to clean this toy, per manufacturer’s instructions. Acetone can sometimes be used to remove odors from

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Podcast #301 is a celebration of pegging

Turning the Spotlight on Podcast #301

Pegging Paradise Podcast #301 Information/Articles Equipment I hope you enjoy podcast #301! I included a link to an instagram video from Joe Kort that relates to my new article posted on 7/2, “Men Like to Feel Beautiful and Wanted, Too”.

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taking a longer dildo when pegging

What Makes Taking a Longer Dildo Uncomfortable?

Pegging With Longer Toys Taking a longer dildo can be exquisitely pleasurable, or it can be really uncomfortable. I often see receivers who are relatively new to pegging talk about being puzzled why they can’t take a longer toy. Part

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Podcast #300

Here it is! Presenting Podcast #300 Part Two!

Podcast #300 Part 2, where Michelle and I continue the conversation talking about responsive desire, celebrating people’s no, and more. We explore touch, awakening the prostate, foreplay in solo anal exploration, and giving yourself permission. And don’t forget, Soft Cock

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Presenting Podcast #300

This is it! Presenting Podcast #300 Part One!

Presenting Podcast #300! I am joined by Michelle Rene, sexual surrogate, sex worker, intimacy guide, human connection coach and creator of Soft Cock Week. We talk about many. many things. You will surely find some nuggets in there for yourself.

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men like to feel beautiful, too

Men Like to Feel Beautiful and Wanted, Too

The Desire to Feel Beautiful Whether dressed up in a flirty pair of panties and bra or just walking bare-assed naked from the shower, men want to feel desired and lusted after. And while the word ‘beautiful’ more often has

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