Newbie Couples

Are you new to the concept of pegging? Want to learn more?

This is the place to start. I have put together a collection of articles especially helpful to newbies. Read and learn!

Suggestion...explore this together. Read parts together, and then talk about what you just read. Rinse and repeat.

Communication is magic.

The Basics About Pegging

Frequently Asked Questions

Your First Exploration of His Ass

The First Time - Take it SLOW

4 Responses

  1. My wife and I recently tried pegging. We eased into a little further and deeper each time. The last time she was able to go full depth on her motions and I was able to allow her to go hard. I am not near as sore as the first 2 times but with this last time allowing her to have full insertion and full thrust. I have not been able to hold an erection the following day during usual vaginal intercourse with her. Is it just because of the intensity of our last pegging. I am not worried to much we have a very active sex life. Hense spicing our love life with pegging. My real question is should we maybe go smaller on the dildo choice to help with my maintaining an erection or is this quite normal and maybe my prostate is just swollen still. L Any advice would be helpful. Also our toy of choice was the u vibe strapless M 8in and it does have a pretty big tip that tends to take time and lots of warm up to get into me.

  2. Me and the wife are experienced in pegging want to say been onto it a good 15 years. My wife wants to try a squirting dildo on me now . She has been talking about it for a couple years . No it seems I am more willing to try it or give in . What’s your take on it and any recommendations on a good squirting dildo .

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