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Anal training cone pops right up

Podcast #303 Pops Right Up!

Pegging Paradise Podcast #303 Just when you wondered if you’d lost me… Another podcast pops right up! Information/Articles Equipment I hope you enjoy this podcast. Speaking of something that pops right up, there are two inflatable toys for you to

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Witnessing can be so powerful for so many who just want to share

The Magic of Simple Witnessing

Witnessing of Big Toy Play What is ‘Witnessing’? Let me explain. A while ago I wrote an article about the stigma of men using big toys. There are still many women who cannot accept mere male receptive anal play as

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Ruby Ryder reviews the Strap On Me Inflatable Dildo Plug

New Strap On Me Inflatable Dildo Plug!

Strap On Me Inflatable Dildo Plug The Basics: Inflatable Dildo Plug Care Important detail – do not use alcohol, acetone, or ‘petrol-based cleaning products’ to clean this toy, per manufacturer’s instructions. Acetone can sometimes be used to remove odors from

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Podcast #301 is a celebration of pegging

Turning the Spotlight on Podcast #301

Pegging Paradise Podcast #301 Information/Articles Equipment I hope you enjoy podcast #301! I included a link to an instagram video from Joe Kort that relates to my new article posted on 7/2, “Men Like to Feel Beautiful and Wanted, Too”.

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