Podcast #264

Ruby Ryder shares redhead wearing a corset and blue double dildo and stockings

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #264 New Toy Review! Strap-On-Me Vibrating Double A dominant man finds my erotica, with interesting results! He wants an app controlled cock cage to increase his productivity He wants to be fucked by his wife every day – advice? This man loves big toys and getting fucked more roughly – …

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Strap-On-Me Vibrating Strap-on

Purple vibrating dildo for mutual pleasure with clitoral stimulation

This is a ‘pre’ review of the Strap-On-Me Vibrating Strap-on, because I have not used this toy with a partner (#COVIDLife), but I checked it out solo, and it blew my mind. To explain why it blew my mind, let me first offer up a bit of information, both educational and personal. Clitoral Education This …

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Pegging Position – Lazy Missionary

Ruby Ryder shares a BDSM comic of woman ass-fucking bound man with a strap-on dildo

Pegging Position – Lazy Missionary. Imagine you are pegging your partner in Missionary position and you just need to take a break. Sit down, lean back and extend your legs under the bend in your partner’s knees. Support your weight by placing your arms behind you. You can stay inserted in this easy pegging position, …

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Pegging Position – Standing Missionary

Ruby Ryder shares standing missionary position of strap-on sex between a man and a woman

In Standing Missionary the receiver scoots up to the edge of the bed or other surface. The giver stands. This position can work well when the giver is less able-bodied. Eye contact is excellent, and cock can be played with by either partner. This is another position where the sex-sling can help the receiver hold …

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Pegging Position – Sidesaddle

Ruby Ryder pegging BDSM

For the pegging position Sidesaddle, the receiver lays on their side with their top leg bent and pulled up towards their chest. The receiver’s knee pulled up allows for easier access and the side laying allows for relaxation as well. The giver places one knee between the receiver’s legs, with the other behind. This is …

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Pegging Position – T-Position

Blonde man and brown haired woman performing the sex position T-position

The T-Position for pegging requires the receiver to lay on their back with their legs drawn up. The giver is perpendicular, on their side, forming the top of the T, so to speak. The Salto Slingback can help the receiver keep their legs up effortlessly! Speaking of effortless, this is an excellent position for big …

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Pegging Position – Corner of Bed

Man riding woman wearing a strap-on in corner of bed position

The Corner of Bed pegging position is done with the giver face up on the corner of the bed and the receiver riding. Eye contact is excellent, and the receiver’s cock is accessible by either of them. The only trick to it is trying to create a 90° angle in the giver’s bent knee. This …

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Pegging Position – Edge of Bed Doggie

Ruby Ryder shares white woman pegging black man in doggie

Edge of the bed doggie position works very well for many pegging couples

Pegging Position – Standing

Ruby Ryder shares woman pegging a boy for anal sex pleasure

This position requires leg lengths to match up suitably. Do remember leg lengths are adjustable for either partner by adding heels! The receiver or giver can also stand on a sturdy platform (like platforms for step aerobics). The receiver will require something to lean against for support. They can be bent over the side of …

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Pegging Position – Bulldog

Ruby Ryder shares woman pegging man in bulldog sex position while he moans

The pegging position bulldog is an excellent choice when the receiver is much taller than the giver – the giver can almost perch on top of the receiver’s ass. This position often requires a fit giver; it can be a workout. The receiver is on their hands and knees and the giver above and behind …

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