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Take note – Best to read these from the last on this list to the first, as some are sequential and the first part is further down…Make sense? I will keep adding new stories at the top. Enjoy!

What I Wanted –

His New Job –

The Envelope –

Caged –

Blue Lace –

Laptop Disclosure –

She Needed to Relax –

The Red Shoes – Dean –

The Red Shoes – Betty –

The Red Shoes – Martin –

Ramping Things Up –

The Siren – Part 2 –

The Siren – Part 1 –

A Blue Ribbon Night –

Green –

Tighter, Please –

Bear Man –

Mine for the Night –

He’ll Do Anything –

Darla’s Secret –

The Starbucks Surprise –

The Reunion –

Church –

Battle Buddies –

Saturn’s Day –

Liz’s Boys –

Not Quite a Burglary –

Hunting –

Role Reversal –

I Want a Massage –

Expectations –

Welcome Home –

The Beating –

Soldier Boy –

Questions –

Retribution –

Come Again Officer? –

Bitch Goddess –

The Armani –

Worth It –

Too Good a Fit –

An Angel Appeared –

Scratch that Itch –

A Wet One –

Flipping the Switch –

Her Panties –

Making Him Talk –

Good Morning –

The Market –

My Muse –

Kyle’s Exciting Year –

Love and Lust –

He Said She Said –

Have a Cookie –

Revealing –

My Favorite Hobby –

Careful What You Ask For –

Yes Ma’am –

Amanda Fulfils Her Promise –

Crossing the Line –

New Tricks –

The Right Triangle –

The First Time –

Hard Times at the Hotel –

Just For Starters –

A Cock For Pet –

Power Play –

Speechless –

Stranger Things Have Happened –

Lessons in Lust –

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