Podcast #235

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #235

  • Places to go to chat about pegging
  • Sissy Hypno video helps him explore his feminine side
  • Tango doesn't hit prostate in doggy - suggestions?
  • He seek an article about sexual orientation/pegging to share with his wife
  • He asks whether it is safe for his pregnant wife to peg him
  • She has a number of reservations and concerns about pegging
  • He asks a question about 'sausage on bonfire'
  • He wonders how to bring pegging up to his girlfriend
  • He waxes poetic about Wintersilks panties


Articles and Information



  1. I agree about all advices you give in that podcast.
    Listen well to her, she really understand the true meanning of pegging.

    1. Thank you, Frenchy!

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