The Versatile Liberator Whirl – Pillow Play

The Versatile Liberator Whirl presents a myriad of pleasure-enhancing possibilities for sexy times with pillow play. You will never reach for a regular pillow during sex again! Let me tell you how I put the Liberator Whirl through its paces, with delightful results.

Setting the Scene

As many of you know, I am an aficionado of BDSM, and identify as a dominant sensual sadist. Basically I like to tie up men, beat them, and play with their parts in a way that is almost overwhelming, by mixing pleasure with pain. Pegging is a part of the fun, but the foreplay involves many other activities.

What does that look like, precisely? What are those 'other activities'?

My Favorite Scenario

I have a sturdy stationary massage table that I love to use for play. Placing my partner face down, I tie his wrists and ankles to the table. A bolster cushion under his hips thrusts his ass, the primary object of my attention, up in the air for my amusement. His wonderful dangly bits pulled back behind the bolster offer easy access. I also spread his legs as far apart as the table will allow, and place an additional bolster under his ankles. I want him to be comfortable while I do unspeakable things to his body. If my guy feels pain, I want it to be because I intentionally delivered that pain, not because the position he is in puts stress on his body.

How I Love to Play

With him in that position, I can have so much fun! Impact play, prostate play, and cock play are all possible. CBT is an option, whether that entails tying a silk scarf around his balls (or his cock and balls), and tugging on that scarf at opportune moments, or smacking his parts with a riding crop while I have a vibrating plug in his ass (and the remote in my hand). My hands can stroke his cock until he's squirming and then I can surprise him with a hard crop stroke on his ass cheeks. I can deliver agonizingly too-soft caresses of his taint and ass, leaving him desiring nothing but... more. Or, I can plunge a dildo into his ass over and over, wrenching moans and whimpers from his depths. So many choices!

Crossing the Wires of Pain and Pleasure

My goal is not to make it all about pain, it is to intersperse the pleasure with the pain, so that he never knows which is coming next. Sometimes he will turn his head to the side to try and catch sight of me in the mirrors and discern my plans. Once in a while I let him look. Other times I give him a hard stroke across those fine ass cheeks with a cane, and admonish him not to peek.

But I digress, because this is a review, after all.

The Part That Doesnt Work

There was only one part of that scenario that was problematic, and disturbed the nice kinky flow of things. When he got hard, because of all of those delicious sensations he was feeling, there wasn't quite enough room for his cock. The bolster under his hips had smooshed down considerably. Once he told me it felt like he had a kickstand. From the way he said it, I was clear that it wasn't a good thing.

Liberator solved this problem for me, bless their wonderful, pervy, sex furniture hearts!

Enter the Versatile Liberator Whirl

Ruby Ryder shares photo  of couple showing how a pillow can be used for pegging

The Whirl is pillow play at it's best! I have used the Liberator Whirl in the manner I described with outstanding results. This cushion is no wimpy, squishy thing! The dense foam doesn't smoosh down much at all, even with my big guy. So there is plenty of room for his cock, even when fully erect. And more room for CBT, scarf play, etc.

Restraint Points!

Ruby Ryder shares couple showing how cushion can be used under hips for pegging

Another bonus is the surprise restraint points. Yep, you read that right. On each end of the Liberator Whirl, there is a fabric overlap which hides, wait for it... a D-ring! So now I can choose to tie his wrists to the ends of the bolster if I want to. Yum.

Supported Doggie Position - Restraints Optional!

Ruby Ryder shares couple showing how cushion can be used for pegging positioning

The Versatile Liberator Whirl is also a marvel when used lengthwise with my guy. He drapes his body over it with his dangly bits off the end, and his ass is once again ready for play. This time he's in a perfect position for fucking. It's kind of like doggie, with more support. His ass raised up for my attentions, his arms and knees on the bed still offer him stability and support. And I can restrain his writs to the end of the Whirl, too! I love restraints. I enjoy giving him the feeling of helplessness while I relish the control.

Ruby Ryder shared couple with bolster sex cushion for pegging cowboy position

Cowboy With a Kick

Are you a fan of Cowboy? Me too, and the Whirl adds an extra kick to Cowboy. How? Look at the photo above and picture what happens when, as the giver laying on my back, I use that cushion to thrust upwards. The Whirl acts like a fulcrum, allowing me to push up and fuck my guy, even if he's not moving much! Works amazingly well. So even if he pauses to let his ass rest a bit, I can continue thrusting if I'm feeling evil.

Spectacular Spooning

Lastly, my guy can use the versatile Liberator Whirl for support when he's on his side, whether I am fucking him in spoon position or going after his ass in more of a side saddle fashion. It gives him something to lean against while I have my way with him from behind! Depending on how I am having my way with him, sometimes it gives him something to cling to.

The Details

A full 36" in length and 10" in dimeter, the Liberator Whirl is sizable in its functionality. The soft velvish cover feels lush against bare skin. There is a moisture-proof liner under the removable and machine-washable outer cover, that prevents liquid from penetrating the foam interior. You'll find inspiring pictures and drawings showing how you can use the Whirl on the box, most of them discretely hidden under a magnetic flap. It arrives compressed and expands to full size after opening.

Finally, this is not a piece of sex furniture that you need to hide in the closet, thank goodness. The Liberator Whirl can be kept in your living room, or on your bed, because it is a kinky sex-positioning cushion in disguise!

Future Whirl Plans

Early next month I have reserved a mountain cabin for a writer's retreat. The weather will be cold. The fireplace will be blazing. My naked cabana boy (his description) will be there. He will be massaging me, serving me, cooking for me, and supporting my writing in any way that he can. The Whirl is coming along for the trip, because there is a gorgeous king-size bed waiting for us upstairs. Writing this review has reminded me of all the ways I love to take him, with the versatile Liberator Whirl.

Purchase your Whirl here and support my work!

Note: My apologies that the beautiful photos of the Liberator Whirl all have the gender reversed in regards to pegging. We are the intrepid explorers of role reversal, and the world hasn't quite caught up.

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  1. Your such a good writer, it’s hard to tell if your stories are stories or real.
    As always, just amazing.
    Thanks for all you do for men that get it…….and those who are trying figuring it out

  2. Wow Ruby, your naked cabana boy will be one very lucky guy. If he has any sense he should put 2 and 2 together and realize you are a dominant well worth keeping.

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