Podcast #158

Pegging Paradise Podcast #158

❤ Yay for the Forum!
❤  Patreon Update - Reached First Goal!
❤ Patience and good communication brings him rewards!
❤  Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ They finally did the deed and it was all he thought it would be and so much more!
❤  Pegging Celebration Time!
❤ He says 'wait!' 10 times and then loves it!
❤  He warns about dangers of small-based plugs
❤  Pegging Celebration Time!
❤  He gets pegged by a pro for his birthday, now he's exploring his sexuality at full steam ahead!
❤  He suggests knee(s) to chest for easier entry, and the Side Saddle position (above)!
❤ He got lost in the pegging and neglecting her needs, now he's trying to find a way back
❤  He recalls his first pegging experience with a hot couple! (don't miss this one)
❤ After pegging for years, they want to upgrade equipment! Suggestions?
❤ As a newcomer to pegging, she keeps falling out. 🙁 Help!
❤Sliquid Slik ROCKS!


Podcast #112 - For the Ladies
Podcast #102 - Choosing Your Equipment
Convincing Her to Try It

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3 Responses

  1. Nice shirts. For those who are not up to “pegger” and “peggee” publicly yet there should be a code word. In honor of you perhaps use “112”?

  2. As a faithful follower from the beginning podcast #158 is definitely the most “action packed” episode yet!

    First He warns about dangers of small-based plugs: Yes I can relate when I had a early version of the Tantus Ryder (with the smaller flexible base) it get sucked in. The initial sensation being sucked in was great, the recovery of the toy, not so much. Since the toy was so well lubed getting it out was not working. The trip to the emergency room didn’t have any appeal. Fortunately sitting on the toilet for twenty seconds and out it came. Next stop for the Tantus Ryder, the graveyard of evil toys.

    Second He gets pegged by a pro for his birthday, now he’s exploring his sexuality at full steam ahead! Pro’s to the rescue. My first experience was with a pro and I will always hold them in the highest regard.

    Third He recalls his first pegging experience with a hot couple! Yes I can understand why you needed to take a break after reading that email. But my question as in the second email will be how long before these guys crave cock over toys? Just saying. Looking forward to their updates.

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