Masturbation Month 2017

Welcome to the month of May - dubbed as "Masturbation Month" back in 1995 by Good Vibrations toy store in San Francisco, in honor of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders.  Details of the back story can be found here.

2017 is the 22nd anniversary of Masturbation Month!

The first year I wrote about Masturbation Month was in 2010, only months after I started this blog. Technically I missed it that year, only discovering its existence after the fact when I ran across something about it on the internet.

These days, Planned Parenthood joins in with cleverly worded campaigns, above and beyond their usual offering of awesome masturbation information. I am not sure how long they have been celebrating Masturbation Month, but I was so pleased to see it several years ago! Of course the sex-negative people give Planned Parenthood grief (just like they did to Joycelyn Elders). These days the objections and negative comments happen on social media, so I highly encourage you to take the time to thank Planned Parenthood on both Twitter and Facebook for offering accurate and honest information about masturbation instead of sex-negative, shame-inducing bullshit. They deserve it!


So...for those of you who have been here at Pegging Paradise for a while now, you know what is coming next.

Masturbation Month Challenge

During the self-pleasure inspiring month of May, I encourage you all to indulge in masturbation a bit more than normal, or perhaps a lot more than normal, depending on your usual schedule.

My personal goal during Masturbation Month is to enjoy a minimum of one orgasm every day, or at least edge to a state of juiciness! Having found out about the joys and benefits of edging a couple of years ago, I encourage all you fans of edging to practice that during masturbation month if you like. And what do I mean by 'edging to a state of juiciness'? Well, we are all different in terms of self-lubrication (and pussies who don't get as juicy naturally are perfectly fine, too, contrary to Ronda Rousey's lube-shaming remark). My personal measure of arousal is that when my pussy gets juicy, I have reached a point of significant turn-on. Your measure might be similar to mine, might involve pre-come instead, or might be something entirely different! Do what feels right for you.

Feel free to join in the conversation, look for inspiration, or report your daily progress on this thread in the Forum!!

Above all, enjoy yourselves! That would be the point, right?

What Else?

Every day in May I humbly offer up a variety of short sexy fantasies, ideas, descriptions of what turns me on, what got me off the night before, or just something I think is hot. I hope you are inspired by my offerings!

Let the Masturbation Begin.


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