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Aromatic proposition from a man wearing scent at the munch

Aromatic Proposition at the Munch

Never having received an aromatic proposition, this was a new experience for me! Let me set the stage. One of my favorite things is a public meeting of kinky people, also called a munch. What do I enjoy about munches?

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Ruby Ryder shares very large realistic shaped and colored dildo beside soda can for size comparison

Podcast #294 Lex Shares About BIG Toys

Pegging Paradise Podcast #294 My Interview with Lex, IMO an expert on longer and wider toys. With his background of product designer, engineering, artistic creativity, constant curiosity and a large dose of chemical and physical science, Lex takes us on

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Ruby Ryder shares Asian woman with red lipstick wearing sheer black body stocking and large strap-on

Tickle Your Ears with Podcast #293

Podcast #293 – for your listening pleasure! He describes his sexual assault (trigger warning) Short and sweet happy news! He loves feminization and she’s concerned He introduces us to the ‘Peg Pal’ term! Pegging Celebration Time! They pegged before, but

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Blush Limited Addiction Power Vibe for inserting into pegging dildos

Mini-Vibe Power for Pegging Toys!

The Search for Mini-Vibe Power Perhaps you were one of the people who mourned the news that We-Vibe discontinued the Tango mini-vibe when they came out with their Tango X. While it may be a great mini-vibe design change for

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butt plug

What Makes a Breathtaking Butt Plug?

When shopping for a butt plug, here are some things to keep in mind: Body-Safe and Non-Toxic Cheap, toxic toys that are not body-safe are everywhere. Some contain chemicals that have been banned in children’s toys and pet toys (seriously).

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Ruby Ryder shares woman with strap-on holding a large pink dildo standing over man on bed

An Auditory Delight! Podcast #292

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #292! Podcast #292 brings you new toys, discussion about dominant and submissive labels, and much more! Ruby discusses Sexual Dominance, Submission and Labels Response to ED/age issues from #279 Response to wanting to feel pretty

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Do dominant women suck dicks?

When Dominant Women Suck Submissive Dick

I see posts pretty regularly in Femdom groups that question whether dominant women can ever do specific activities with her sub and still be considered dominant. Often it’s about intercourse or blowjobs. And of course the group informs the poster,

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Ruby Ryder shares photo of RodeoH Harness lace overlay details

RodeoH Harness Problems Rectified

RodeoH Harness History Way back in July of 2016, when RodeoH first started making strap-on harnesses, I wrote about my experience with the poor quality of the materials used and my dissatisfaction with their product. RodeoH Harness Update I’m happy

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Ruby Ryder shares woman in black dress kneeling on bed grasping strap-on underneath

Podcast #291 Rolls Into Town

Podcast #291 Rolls Into Town! So – Some great stuff with this podcast. My fascination with vulnerability continues. So I gathered together a number of shares about the emotional vulnerability felt by receivers during pegging. And then we have a

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Ruby Ryder shares black ribbed butt plug with remote to tease the fuck out of a partner

Operation Tease the Fuck Out of Frank

Masturbation Month 2022 #10 (Link to Part One) Cynthia’s goal was to torture Frank with pleasure. To tease the fuck out of him. She began touching him everywhere that excited him, in exactly the ways he loved the most. She was

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A New Apron

Masturbation Month 2022 #9 (Link to Part One) Frank and Cynthia chatted while they ate, as if it were perfectly normal for Frank to be naked, sitting at the table with his cock locked in a cage during dinner. It was

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