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Yes, I am a Sex Worker

International Whores’ Day 2019 A View into My World… I check my mail, look at my calendar and think about tomorrow’s appointment. He’s a sweet client who I’ve established a close connection with since he first came to see me

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Ruby Ryder shares hands holding a rifle with a scope for the shooting range

The Shooting Range

Would you ever go to a shooting range with me? Only if you wore panties and a chastity cage. Like I’d want anything else… They’ll be pink, with lace, and silky fabric that feels good against your ass. You will

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Podcast #239

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #239 Patron Update Masturbation Month Update Ruby Productivity Update He wants his GF to fuck him. Help? He wants to crossdress, she’s not thrilled, advice? He’s looking for photos of positions? Pegging Celebration Time His

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Happy 9th Birthday Pegging Paradise!

Nine years! Wow. Clearly my passion for pegging is the sustaining kind. In the beginning, I just wanted to write about pegging, revel in the eroticism of the concept, and talk with others about it. Besides actually doing it, I

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Thoughts About Sexualizing by Ruby Ryder pegging BDSM

PSA About Sexualizing

Let’s Talk About Not Sexualizing People I realize many times comments like “I dream of you doing me” or “I wish you could slide that deep inside me” or “I need to come to California and we can get together”

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Meet My Asshole

I’ve noticed…during my extensive travels around the sex-positive places of the internet, the following phenomenon. A fair number of single men who are into pegging (or desire to explore pegging) will post extremely explicit pictures of their asses, cheeks spread,

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Ruby Ryder’s Pegging Erotica

Thank you very much for your patronage. I humbly offer you my stories, to make you squirm and smile, and perhaps give you a few ideas! Hard Times at the Hotel – Just For Starters – Power Play

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Ruby Ryder’s Written Erotica

Take note – Best to read these from the last on this list to the first, as some are sequential and the first part is further down…Make sense? I will keep adding new stories at the top. Enjoy! What I

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