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Ruby Ryder shares Woman wearing strap-on pegging man with his hand on his penis

The Shyness of Being Seen

Part Six – The Shyness of Being Seen Being seen on a deep level is unsettling for you. Now that I’ve flipped you over, you see my intentions, and I can almost feel you internally letting go, the better to

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Ruby Ryder shares gif of tattooed man face down being pegged by woman with strap-on

Two Weeks of Fond Memories

Part Five – Two Weeks of Fond Memories Oh, Lordy, while we are on that subject, I have never met a man who enjoys being fucked as much as you do! We moved in together after we’d been dating for

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Ruby Ryder shares man face down on bed getting pegged by woman wearing strap-on

A Sound Fucking Commences

Part Four – A Sound Fucking Commences You’ve passed my test, given me a lovely collection of words, and made me laugh. You have certainly earned a sound fucking, and I have every intention of giving it to you. After

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Ruby Ryder shares curvy woman doing exercises, watching video lesson online on open laptop computer trengthen core, watching video lesson online on open laptop computer

Best Exercises For Pegging Givers

My beginner’s webinar impresses upon you that fucking is an athletic event. Givers learn to appreciate their partners so much more when they discover precisely what it takes to fuck someone; endurance, strength, balance, and grace. So what are the

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Water Lilies 4 layer cake celebrating 11th birthday of Pegging Paradise.

Pegging Paradise!! Happy 11th Birthday!

Eleven years ago today, I made my first post here at Pegging Paradise. Back then, my aspirations (pun always intended) were to be a writer of erotica. As Pegging Paradise turns 11, I realize I am a writer of spicy

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Ruby Ryder shares curvy woman wearing black strap-on pegging slender man face down on bed.

Use Your Words, Sweetcakes!

Part Three – Use Your Words, Sweetcakes I can almost hear the gears inside your head turning, which is pretty typical. Your mind is usually quite busy. But now at least your head is filled with the task of fetching

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Ruby Ryder shares woman with leather boots pegging man on bed in doggie position

Part Two – Tell Me What You Want

Part Two – Tell Me What You Want I know these secrets about you, and I keep them secret, allowing you to present a different and less complete man that you show the world. The man that you are in

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Ruby Ryder shares Naked man sleeping face down on bed with striped sheet.

A Yearning to Inspire and Inform

Part One – Inspire and Inform Your Ass You’re resting face down on the bed, lazy, quiet, and naked. Just out of the shower after a long, busy day of work. You’ll probably drift off to sleep if I let

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Masturbation May (Gets) Off to a Great Start!

The New Toy! The Lora DiCarlo Sway was a lovely experience last night. Masturbation Month has officially begun! It had been a while since I enjoyed a blended orgasm with internal and external stimulations. The curves of the toy are

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Masturbation Month 2021 Begins!

So here I sit, with my new Lora DiCarlo SWAY… A dual vibration warming “massager”. Am I excited? You bet. Been craving a good internal vibe toy. With the warming element, I figure I’d better read the directions first. But

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Ruby Ryder shares woman with strap-on pegging man wearing colorful bra and panties

Oh Boy! Pegging Paradise Podcast #277 is Here!

Pegging Paradise Podcast #276 Pegging Celebration Time! Communication was key. He tells their long story! She wonders what the clear liquid from her partner is? She shares some helpful resources of their path to pegging They are inspired by the

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Check Out the View From This Window!!

Found this online and couldn’t resist sharing. Check out the view from inside, and maybe from outside this hotel room, too! Hotel shenanigans can be very exciting, especially for exhibitionists!

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