Seven Days as a Kitchen Maid

Masturbation Month 2022 #1

"Cynthia, where is the key?" Frank's voice had an urgency to it that I'd never heard before. But after 5 days of his cock in prison, I understood his urgency. Frank was a very highly sexual man, typically wanking off around 3 times a day. I put a cock cage on him 5 days ago, so by my math he'd missed around 15 wanks. Urgent? Yeah.

Frank agreed to this, of course. Sex is always consensual in my world. One night, pretty fuzzy after a couple glasses of wine, Frank asked me to lock him up. We'd played with the cage a few times after getting it about a year ago, but it never took center stage. Eventually it found a place in the back of the toy drawer. I filed chastity away in the meh category.

Then all of a sudden Frank wanted his cock locked up. Color me surprised. I was curious what the catalyst was - why now? And what about the other parameters? How long? What was the intent? I was full of questions.

Turns out there was an erotic story he read, about a man locked up in a chastity cage. Turned him on so much that he wanted to have his own cock locked up to see what it was like. At first it was all centered on the chastity cage, and he was light on the details. But I kept up my questioning and slowly teased it out of him. What was the purpose, there? What was he trying to accomplish? And what, exactly, was my incentive to play along with his fantasy?

Frank had been asking for me to fuck him for the last month. Life got in the way and it hadn't happened yet. Turned out that this was part of the locked up fantasy, too.

When I finally got him to describe what he wanted, the details were a surprise. He'd clearly been thinking about this for a while. He wanted his cock locked up tight, and to get fucked in the ass every night for a week. I watched him squirm in his chair while he shared his vision.

Every night after dinner, he would tie my frilly kitchen apron over his locked up nakedness. He'd do the dishes and make sure the kitchen was spotless. Then I'd bend him over the kitchen counter and fuck him until I came. The thick silicone cock I used to fuck Frank had a vibe in it and though it might take a while, I could get off. After I was satisfied, he'd thank me for the fucking, help me out of the harness and clean it for the next night. For seven days straight!


I was not going to need any added incentive to play along; that was hot as fuck. Frank would get his fantasy, and I'd get to fuck and tease him every night, denying him release. Tease and denial always got me exceptionally hot and bothered. I was all in.

So I locked him up the next morning, and sent him off to work with a smile and a kiss. I planned to cook a dinner that made a mess of the kitchen, knowing he'd clean it up, wearing that little apron. Seven days! The idea of it was so hot that I got myself off after Frank left for work.

That afternoon I grabbed my phone...

How's my caged boy today? Looking forward to tonight? I pressed the button and sent the text.

Yes, Ma'am. Thanks for locking me up, and giving me an opportunity to have this experience.

He was going to get such a good fucking tonight. And every night for the next seven days!

Part 2 - At First it Felt Good

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