Podcast #290 Steps Onto the Stage!

  • Letter from an appreciative Patron
  • He struggles with shame due to pegging
  • She wants to satisfy his desire for masochism during pegging
  • He loves the anticipation and looking sexy for his partner
  • He shares about letting go of the past and asking for anal play
  • Pegging Celebration Time!
  • Same couple! He shares their story
  • Pegging Celebration Time!
  • After a slow start, their pegging play takes off!
  • Their partner has femininity concerns around wearing a strap-on
  • He graciously consents to do a pre-pegging interview
  • A BDSM scene goes wrong and he's at a loss, worried about the future
  • Having done solo play, he wants to move to pegging with his partner. Help?



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