Big Toys and Stigma

Mr. Hankey's Clyde in 4 Sizes (smallest 2.67" diameter)

There's this weird thing about guys who do big toy play.

Sexual Stigma

Reminds me of the stigma of a woman who has sex with a lot of men. (I believe the current phrase for that is 'body count'. I am definitely not a fan of that phrase.) She is often seen as undiscriminating and undesirable, rather than being valued for her knowledge and experience. We are all pretty familiar with the double standard in this regard. Sexually experienced men are more often considered sexually talented and sought after.

The most ridiculous inference about a sexually experienced woman is that she will have a looser vagina. When you really stop to think about it, this line of reasoning can end up working against you, gentlemen! If you are in a monogamous relationship with that woman, why wouldn't she deny you sex in order to preserve the tightness of her vagina? Honestly, this is as ridiculous as believing that too much sex will wear down a penis and make it smaller.

Big Toys

But I digress. Because I want to talk about big toy play.

I travel in the world of prostate owners as receivers, since I teach about pegging. I understand that vagina owners do big toy anal play, too. But in this writing, I'll be exploring prostate owners as receivers of big toys.

Male anal penetration has its taboo connotations. No doubt about it. I talk extensively about how the 'man box' dictates characteristics that men are expected to portray to be thought of as masculine or manly. Let's talk about the outside-of-the-box characteristics that men are forbidden to portray.

What's Outside the Box?

Outside of the box characteristics include anything that can be perceived as gay or feminine. Penetration happens pretty regularly as a woman or a gay man. More commonly talked about are things like clothing choices, ways of speaking or moving, or hobbies and interests. Running underneath all of that, however, is the pervasive taboo against anal penetration.

Let me pause for a moment and comment on how fucked up this 'man box' way of thinking is. Basically that's saying that feminine and/or gay are both less-than when compared to traditional masculinity. Eye roll. Hopefully everyone reading this can see how messed up that line of thinking is. If not, please stop reading and go find a remedial class on how to be a better human being.

My point in explaining all of this is to make it clear how much conditioning the typical man must shed to indulge in receptive anal play. I encounter this all the time when I teach about pegging. Some men are so fearful of judgement and ridicule that sometimes they never step over that line into the world of prostate exploration.

Once they conquer their (justified) fears, and find their way through the myriad of misconceptions and assumptions with their partner, to the delights of receptive anal pleasure, they often marvel at what they find.

The Pinnacle of Male Pleasure

Prostate stimulation offers men the pinnacle of pleasure. Some men react to this discovery with the fascination of a shiny new toy, understandably. A reminder to give their partners equal time and pleasure is sometimes in order. If the level of pleasure is so far above a normal orgasm, why wouldn't you want to do it all the time?

The mind-blowing quality of prostate pleasure, the sheer euphoric bliss combined with the novel experience of completely letting go and all that vulnerability, encourages some men to explore further. They play with bigger and longer toys. I teach an advanced class that includes information for those intrepid anal explorers. I explain why people like longer/wider insertions, what they get out of it, how to do it safely, what your physiology looks like, and where to buy big toys safe for that kind of play.

All that is cool. Anal exploration with big toys that bring a lot of pleasure. Yay!

Why the Aversion to Big Toys?

So why is there this knee-jerk aversion to men who put big toys in their ass? I don't get it. Because men who have thoroughly explored their asses with big toys have knowledge that resembles a graduate degree in knowing the pleasures their bodies are capable of. That's impressive knowledge!

Wouldn't it be better if those anal explorers could be confident and proud of their experience, similar to a vagina owner knowing exactly what will cause them to squirt, or tremble with the deepest of whole-body pleasures?

Out of the Box Magic

I have seen the trembling and heard the moans. I have watched, fascinated by the expressions of ecstasy as my fist slips inside, or a big toy penetrates a willing ass. There's a bit of magic there, I swear.

For me, at least partly, I think the magic is in seeing a man who had climbed out of the man box in all his glory, trembling, moaning and delighting in his big toys, and exploring his ass!

Where Can I Get Big Toys That Are Safe?

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Enjoy the shopping. Enjoy your Big Toys, and definitely enjoy your ass!

2 Responses

  1. Big toys….I’m not sure where that line begins and ends but I’ve never been penetrated by a big toy or been fisted. It’s probably a question of the partners I’ve been with as well as my own sense of what I could handle. I’m not averse to the idea though.

    And yes, I’ve had many run-ins with the man-box.

    1. Big toys re not for everyone, but some folx absolutely love them!
      I have never met a man who hasn’t had a run in with the man box. Maybe a couple of generations from now there will be some, but not yet.

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