An Abundance of Penetralia

Ruby Ryder shares colorful assortment of dildos for pegging in a pile on black satin cloth

Dildos are dildos are dildos, right?

Au contraire mon frère! The sheer abundance of penetralia can be mind boggling, confusing, as well as inspiring. The provocative curves, teasing twists, wild ridges, vivid colors, glittery sparkles, and metallic! So many dildos, so little time, right?

Setting aside the cheap toys of substandard materials, let's concentrate only on 100% silicone. In this elite category for savvy sex toy consumers who care about their health, you will still find a wealth of choices.

Dildo tour, anyone?

I have a first class ticket for you right here...

Curves and Realism

You can find dildos with a fetching curve that offers more intense stimulation for those receivers who crave it. Just don't forget to turn that toy around to target the prostate when you change positions!

Other dildos do their very best to look like the real thing, and do a damn good job of it. Strap on one that speaks to your fantasies of owning a thick, meaty cock (in whatever color you prefer). Using it like a porn star might appeal to vagina owners as well as cock owners (with the right harness, of course)!

Color, Sparkle and Shine

There are sparkling dildos that seem to have dropped from the clouds, still reflecting sunshine. They glint beautifully as they slide in and out. Glow in the dark dildos are a thing, too! Turn out the lights and watch it disappear into the ass of your receiver. Make the room go dark for a moment before you pull it out and see the glow again. Some dildos are so colorful they could be put on a shelf and displayed as a piece of art! Colors artfully swirled together, made to order, can transform your dildo into your very own piece of custom-made penetralia.

Is This a Test?

Some sit there in all of their glory as a flat-out challenge, whether the goal concerns length, girth, or both. Can this really be inserted into a human body? Seriously? A devotion to some serious, careful practice time would likely be required. But it may provide you with sensations beyond your wildest dreams.

Fantasy and Role Play

There are fantasy dildos that look like they belong in a sci fi movie. You can role play you are the Sexy Octopus with a Tentacle of Pleasure! Or a werewolf with a ferocious appetite for your partner's ass.

Celebrate With a Dildo!

This abundance of penetralia allows a freedom of expression in pegging that it seriously needs. Why? Because most who walk down the road of pegging find it a challenge. I'm not talking about just physically, though that can be true, too. I'm talking about getting past the idea that is has any bearing on your (or your partner's) sexual orientation. Let's not forget the task of gathering the courage to talk to your partner about pegging to begin with. Scary, amidst all of the myths and misconceptions so erroneously connected to the act. Also, consider the challenge of opening up and allowing your vulnerability as a receiver. It can be startling to witness that vulnerability for the first time as a giver, too. All together, that can be some serious stuff for couples to find their way through.

So when you get past all the serious stuff - the freedom to celebrate with a flaming hot pink sparkly dildo can be a welcome way to rejoice! Find a dildo that expresses your personality. Your dildo can shout out to the world, "if I had a dick that expresses who I am as a sexual being, it would look like this!!"

What's Your Dildo Mood?

You can select a dildo for your various moods. The dildo you slide into your strap-on wordlessly lets your partner know your mood, and the ride coming their way. A glint in your eye, the short and impressively thick black dildo means 'nail him to the mattress'. In that game, he's face down on the bed. You lay on top of him, with the toy buried inside his ass. You never really pull back for a full thrust, just keeping pushing into him, over and over again. He struggles to take the girth and marvels at the sensations that it offers. The simple pale pink dildo might be for a sweet, sensual Saturday morning tryst in each others arms. Cozy and soft lovemaking to start off the weekend right.

But Does it Squirt?

And that's not all! Do you have a craving for it to be real, sometimes? Do you wish it could actually come, and squirt into his lovely ass, filling him up with your juices? We have many choices of shapes, colors and textures, yet sometimes it comes down to an intriguing question. But will it squirt?

Mais bien sûr! There are indeed squirting dildos. Dildos that can fill your partner up with the liquid of your choice. I must caution you at this juncture, however, to only put body-safe fluids inside asses. No alcohol, no sugary things; only lube, and quality lube. Relish the experience of pushing the stopper of that syringe in your hand at just the right moment. Make him beg for it, or tell him to take it. You can pull it out and 'come' all over him, even in his face!

Alternatively, squirting dildos can be used to reward your submissive for a job well done. Maybe he took that short, girthy toy really well, moaning beautifully while you fucked him. Perhaps he did a fantastic job cleaning up the kitchen after dinner while you relaxed and watched Netflix. Maybe you are getting ready to join the in-laws for dinner; you just want to fuck with his head before you leave. You beckon him to kneel before you and give him a surprise shot of whiskey. But only after he deep-throats your special squirting toy, giving him a chance to display his cock-sucking skills.

Customize Your Dildo Experience

Clearly, I've included my inspirations with my dildo descriptions which lean heavily into the femdom territory. I identify as a dominant sensual sadist. But the magic of dildos used in bedroom activities is that you get to do you! You and your partner get to customize whatever experience you desire with a dildo, whatever calls to you. The abundance of penetralia available can almost guarantee that there is a dildo out there to help you have the dildo experience of your dreams,

I didn't even talk about vibrating dildos, double-ended dildos, and dildos designed to please the giver as well as the receiver, as well as all the factors you need to consider to choose one that fits your needs. I encourage you to attend my Pegging Equipment Webinar for more information!

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  1. My favorites tend to have a more realistic shape and style, and sparkly ones are fun too.

    I’m sure you cover this in your blogs and teaching, but I have had the good fortune to advise some beginners myself, and my first bit of advice is not to bite off more than you can chew when you first start out. Unless you have no gag reflex :). Seriously though, start off small and work your way up, and if you don’t go big, that’s ok too. The expression “go big or go home” doesn’t apply here.

    1. I do cover that, yes! ‘Start small’ is one of the cardinal rules. I encourage the receivers not to let their eyes be bigger than their asses! lol Now that you have shared the ‘go big or go home’ line – I’m going to include that, too…because my classes are 10% stand up comedy.

  2. I’ve helped a few couples, I dare say save their marriages, with advice on how to approach the idea of pegging. I said to the pegger “you pick the harness” and the the pegee “you pick the dildo”. It seemed logical to me at the time. When I had my first experience, it just worked and I guess I was lucky,but she also didn’t attack me with a monster.

    Two of the three couples are still together.

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