On Demand Webinar for Beginners!

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You have been asking for on demand webinar availability for some time - and now it's here!

The Art of Pegging for Beginners - On Demand Webinar

Now available on demand, to watch privately (not on Zoom), with whomever you choose, whenever you like, and as many times as you desire! You no longer have the challenge of finding a live webinar that works with your schedule.

All the Things

This course brings together everything I've learned from educating people about Pegging for the last 12 years, listening to givers & receivers from all walks of life, and answering their questions about everything and anything Pegging-related. I harness (pun intended) all that experience & knowledge, and offer it to you in this on demand webinar.

The Art of Pegging for Beginners includes over 2 hours of instruction, a wealth of links to information & equipment, and (wait for it) a Certificate of Completion!

A 'Certificate of Completion'?
I will educate you, and the certificate is for your learning accomplishment. (No need to send me a video of the doing - that part is up to you!)

Certificate of Completion!

You may be asking yourself,
But why would I want a Certificate of Completion?

So Glad You Asked!

  • Share it with a prospective partner as reassurance that this is not your first Pegging rodeo, and you are an educated giver/receiver.
  • If this is your first Pegging rodeo, this certificate shows you have all the necessary information to safely begin your journey down the path.
  • Ask a prospective partner to earn their own certificate, so you are both on the same page as you walk down the path of Pegging together.
  • Frame it and hang it above your bed as a conversation piece.
    Add it to the profile photos you share on kinky websites!
  • For fun with a capital 'F'!

Introductory Discount

Discounted at 50% off until April 1st - Limited time offer.

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